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New Years Sobriety Powwow

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  • New Years Sobriety Powwow

    Well hi all, i went to a new years sobriety powwow and it was great al except for the judgin part there was people singing hand drum that were related to the judges, even dancing and they were relatives of the judges and does this sound at all odd to anyone, or is it me and my unability do be sportsmanlike (or sportswomanlike in my case) it was the one in Fresno, and did anyone else taht danced there feel the same, well tell me what yall think, i might not be going back to this powwow if the whole judge group is seeming to be realated to the winners.

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    i was there at that powwow same people that won last year one this year.they had a dance off and the son was judgeing his father it was dumb . And the hand drum contest this young boy was singing and his dad was judgeing his son and he won lol.great powwow to hang out with friends but thats it lol but wet rain i feel ya LOL!!!!


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      Crooked azz judges

      Thas fake man, judges as crooked as white politicians....and here we suppose to be natives tryin to get awayz from the white man politics.

      Oh well Wet_wahtever you are, just do what i did, hook up or marry the judges and you will win, first place guranteed rite? J/k i didnt do that, but it was a good idea right?

      "if you dont know jack then you missin gout on some good hamburgers!"


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