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Making some hoops

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  • Making some hoops

    I am a grass dancer that has recently decided to take up hoop dancin'. A friend recommended that I get some hoola hoops to start out, but they are hard to control. Does anyone have an idea of what to make my hoops out of?



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    Try using plumber's tubing. You can cut it to the size you want and use wooden dowels to connect them together. To make it more secure stable and glue the wooden dowel inside the tubing. Then wrap with tape.


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      Just use red willow!!!!!! don't have to buy it and you don't have to connect it wit weird methods or duct tape it to death............and its what was originally used and more hoop dancers should come back to using willow!!!!!!
      Don't get too Wakan - 'cuz yer not.


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        Use some big 'ole irrigation tubing,'ll give you a sense of "ooooooh....aaaah!!!" Then, spin it around your hips really really fast.....REALLY FAST!.....then fall down and begin laughing...hard. Then, twitch like your momma told you to...that's the way.
        Make sure no ones looking though, that would be EMBARASSING!!


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          I was told to use plumber's tubing also, and then the circle should measure from the ground to your knee, then you know that you have the right size....unless you are a frybread hound... then I don't know how to measure for that.


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            I went with 5 feet long in circumference, it may seem big but is not. And I am not a chi_scone_kwe either. lol


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