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WHO won at Brandon Powwow???? Anyone know??

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  • WHO won at Brandon Powwow???? Anyone know??

    Last edited by Roobz; 08-28-2007, 03:00 AM.

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    Well I heard (LOL)
    that High Noon won the singing contest.
    and thats all im going to say about that. LOL
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      Heard that 2....

      High Noon.....
      "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


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        Brandon was pretty good. I guess it was the largest turnout in the past 5 years. Lots of people. EXPENSIVE though.....holy crap. Here's what I remember:

        Womens Fancy
        1st Lisa Ewalk-Noon
        2nd Bobby Lynn Frederick
        3rd ? Snow
        4th Marie Henry

        W. Jingle
        1st Kristi Yuzicapi
        2nd ?
        3rd I think was Rolanda White
        4th ? Redman

        W. Tradish
        1st Andrea Redman
        2nd Tara Sandy
        3rd Nadine Deegan
        4th Maryanne Patrick (these two could be switched??)

        Golden Age
        1st Evelyn Tom
        2nd ?
        3rd Vera Kingbird
        4th ?

        M. Fancy
        1st Amos Yazzie
        2nd Kenny Pratt Jr.
        3rd ?
        4th Landing Eagle Goforth

        M. Grass
        1st Ron McNab
        2nd Rodney Isnana
        3rd Royce Kingbird
        4th Wanbli Charging Eagle

        M. Tradish
        1st Jeff Taylor
        2nd Conrad Rope
        3rd Donnie Rain
        4th Kevin Heywahe (showed up sat.)

        M. chicken
        1st Richard Street
        2nd Trevor Ewalk
        3rd Stacy Makes Good
        4th Colby Tootoosis

        M. Golden Age
        1st Stanley Bird
        2nd Randy Pashe
        3rd John Taylor (tied with Pashe)
        4th ?

        W. Fancy special : Bobby Lynn Fredericks

        W. Trad. special : Andrea Redman

        M. Grass special : Richard Street, Rodney Isnana, Kenroy Bear

        M. Chicken special : Jiles copenace, Stacy Makes Good, Richard Street

        M. Trad. special : Kevin Heywahe

        I enjoyed watching the jigging contest as well as the $10,000 bingo (even though I didn't win)LOL
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          It was a good event alot of Hockey teams, volleyball, square dancing and tha powwow, I had fun up there, I checked out alot. I found tha powwow messed up tho, as it always is that I heard from tha south here and from MN. It's always tha same people in there all tha time, they need some good tabulators or something, cause there all cheaters and gives points to who ever they want, that is totally messed up. I couldn't believe how much Sioux Valley dancers were dancing and competing there and all won, that's crazy. such as
          Jeff Tayler
          his wife Rolanda and probably their kids all took first
          Kenny Pratt.Jr
          Amos yazzie lives in Sioux Valley
          Donna Smoke or pratt was competing
          That is just way off man........Mybe yall should let vistors and dance and compete, I think that would be tha best

          Much respect to tha Miss Sioux Valley Rose Runningbear, she did not compete at that powwow even tho she lives down here in tha states, I always see her all over down south here, she is a nice person and very friendly, and has some nice dresses. I knew she and her family knew not to compete at that powwow, and they just went to have a good time so she can represent Sioux Valley there. Much Respect for tha choices you make, cause they are noticeable by others.


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            OHHH..congrats to
            Wambli Charging eagle(Too Kool) LOL
            Bobbi Lynn(nice dresses girl)
            Stacey makes good
            And congrats High Noon!!!
            I enjoyed watching tha hockey cause I hardly see it down here, I mean I never get to watch hockey..LOL, so I found it exicting to watch all tha hockey while I was up there, and dang them guys can play a mean game of Volley Ball..LOL


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              My cuzin bobbi lynn doesnt have a S on her last name
              SOUTHERN STYOZ


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                winter celebrations-brandon

                The pow was cool.....I might be able to get thu the rest of the winter......luved looking at the beadwork....and yes it can get really expensive


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                  Well, who won the hockey tournament?


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                    Was that this past weekend? Geez I miss everything! :(


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                      information please

                      Can someone give me more information about this powwow? I know it is already passed but I saw someone say something about volleyball--I'm all about volleyball. Anyway, I'd like some information for future reference so can someone give me some information like powwow committee numbers or emails or a flyer or something? Thanks!
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