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First trip to G.O.N. - advice please

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  • First trip to G.O.N. - advice please

    My wife says to me this weekend out of the blue about going to Albuquerque in April. So I ask why? And she says to me well for the Gathering of Nations.

    SO being the dummy, I was like no way impossible not this year, too much money, time, travel etc etc etc....

    BUT she is kinda serious about making this once in a life-time trip to GON. Now I have dreamed about going to this Pow-wow since i first heard about it 4 years ago.

    A little background on me is that I am making my first Grass Dance outfit and have only travelled 4-5 hours for a Pow-wow, just to go and watch. ALthough there are Pow-wows here in Alberta, Canada, I have never been to one in the States.

    SO, my questions to all you people on the trail are these:

    1. How long does it take to get from Canada/U.S. border to U.of New Mexico? (by CAR) From where I am, Red Deer, AB., mapquest says it will take me 26 hours. About 5 hours of that is to get to the Canada/U.S. border.

    2. Lodging - now the GoN website has this link that is all fancy for hotels but if you are gonna be eating macaroni and bologne just to save the money to get there what is the most reasonable place to stay? I mean camping style that is close to Univ. of NewMexico.

    3. GoN itself - now the site looks like it is the really big place and you need to purchase tickets in advance - no re-entry etc etc. Any advice for the first-timer?

    After I answer these questions I can figure out all the conversion of Metric to Imperial to figure cost of gas for the return trip by mini-van. Then I need to factor in the currency conversion. OMG I am stressed already.
    Where's the Pow-wow at????

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    Definately buy advanced tickets!

    Also look for a thread by SingerDad, he posted several of these questions recently.
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      Best advice........dont go.

      There has been so much crap between the committee and participants that it isnt worth it....unless, of course, you have nowhere else to go.

      I know people who gave up on it. Not just spectators, big time dancers.

      Not to mention the recent funeral they had in the arena. (was that story true?)
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        No Trip

        Looks like this trip will need to be postponed for another year.
        Where's the Pow-wow at????


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          hello there, was at GON last year and have been a few times before.. it takes us about the same amount of time coming from Cali to GON.. gas is cheaper in the states fer sure.. and no there's no campin around GON, cheap hotels real close to the freeway, but you know it's kinda seedy, but heck it's not too bad.. just make sure you lock up all your good stuff in the truck on your car.

          The pow wow is way commericalized nowadays, but you might like that.. I don't care for it much anymore. No natives run the pow wow from what i've been told, someone will prolly correct me if i'm wrong, but so that says alot.. everything runs on Not enough inter-tribals IMO and that's no fun. The food's expensive. I would recommend goin one time just so you can see for yourself, but bring extra dineros.


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