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    Hello to all: I was thinking about going to this pow wow and I would like some info, any one been to this one? If so please let me know what you thought(parking,camping,etc,etc,etc)
    Paul Flores

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    There's a bunch of things going on at chief seattle days - like graveside memorial, parade, coastal dancing, canoe races, vendors/food, cultural performances...and i think the powwow kinda gets overlooked. They usually have you dance on concrete & there's little jagged rocks that hurt like heck when u step on 'em; there aren't many dancers, but it is a contest powwow. The location kicks *ss...'cuz it's right on the water. I have pics from that one at our student group's website (see below)

    i always want to go back....just 'cuz the whole community shows up & everybody has a good time

    here's a few pics to give u an idea of what goes on
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      Wow, that was 11 pages of photos to look at! I enjoyed them.


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        Hi! I just found this website and don't know if the person who started this thread will check back after all this time, but I used to live just north of Suquamish for many years, so I can answer his questions. I've never had trouble parking for Chief Seattle Days, especially if you get there early. Also, I have seen tents pitched in a field next to the concrete slab where the powwow is held. I'm not sure if the camping space is open to everyone or if it's specifically for all the canoe pullers (canoe races are part of this powwow). Lastly, I noticed that the tribal affiliation of the person who started this thread was Azteca. I hope he does find his way back to this forum and see this response because there have been Aztec dancers at Chief Seattle Days in the past and he might enjoy getting to see them if they come again this year. It's a small powwow, but a good time!


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          I've never been to it but "always wanted to go" it's just the same time as the Grand Ronde and the Yakama Legends big contest powwows, also Chief Looking Glass and the Twisp Powwow also elsewhere in the Northwest. And isn't something else going on? Anyway of all the above Suquamish is the place to be for COOL WEATHER as it's supposed to be 100 at Toppenish and Twisp, 90+ in Kamiah (and that one's an indoor powwow) and 90+ and muggy at Grand Ronde. Suquamish is right along the water and just a ferry ride to downtown Seattle if you really need a break (not that all the other activities won't keep you busy besides the powwow). Who knows ... maybe we'll even find our way there.
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            Originally posted by Wakalapi View Post
            90+ in Kamiah (and that one's an indoor powwow) .
            Actually Kamiah is an outdoor pow-wow, always has been, except for the times it rains, in which case the gym is about 100 feet away.
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