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  • Information On Indio Spring It Still On

    Just Trying To Find Out If Indio Is Still Having Their Spring Powwow...heard It Was Cancelled...if Anyone Has Info Please Let Us Inquiring Minds Know...

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    it is cancelled. they are only having 1 pw
    "DoN't CrY BeCuZ It'S OvEr, sMiLe BeCuZ It HaPpEnEd!"


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      are you sure?...I talked to someone who said they were on Head staff for the Spring powwow. Maybe they mean the Fall one. Man if it is...that sux.


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        Yes im sure becuz my uncle was on the head staff too as an invited drum and they just moved them over to the november pw
        "DoN't CrY BeCuZ It'S OvEr, sMiLe BeCuZ It HaPpEnEd!"


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          well that kind of sux...ços we was suppose to host with yellowhammer...wild horse i am talking about...but oh well...must be somewhere else to go...


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