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    No this thread isn't about spots on your outfit or on your neck *LOL!

    Anywayzzzz . . .

    Do you like spot checks?

    Are they necessary?

    I can see two points of view. One from the committee and one from the dancers (we've all been out of the arena for various necessities when our spot check was announced).


    Should drums also have spot checks?

    What's your take?
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    Personally, I don't like spot checks. It's a dance contest, not a participation contest.
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      Originally posted by kneegrow_native
      It's a dance contest, not a participation contest.
      good point...

      i went to a pw where they did spot checks a lil' different - they had a round of intertribals and then the arena director randomly picked a dancer and awarded them w/cash on the spot.

      personally i don't think they make ANY difference cuase i know of MANY dancers who sit in their chairs all day or are no where to be found until competition, but still place - so really, what's the point?

      anyways, i'm usually always out there cause i lubb to dance!
      "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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        spot check

        its a good thing there a lot of pws going on every weekend so anybody can choose to go where they fell most comfortable at.


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          its feel


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            I think spot checks are completely ridiculous and just another thing to add to the already over-burdened head judges and tabulators. I agree with kneegrow native - it's a dance contest, not a "who dances the most?" contest. I'm like bushy braids in that I am out there for just about every song. But, I don't care if there are those who want to sit and watch. I came to dance, but some people like to dance some, then sit and visit awhile and just watch. What's wrong with that?

            Pow Wows aren't ceremonies and they aren't hethuskas so dancing every song isn't that's supposed to be fun. Spot checks cut into that fun, and always seems to have negative results because you always here of people jumping in at the last minute just to get points or whatever.

            Just run a dance contest and let that be that. I'm actually in favor of the old way where there weren't any points at all. The judges just picked a winner. I guess that's why I like dance specials so much.
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              Ive been to a powwow before, were they were doing "spot checks" but they werent really, it was just to get the dancers to get out and dance intertribals..

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                that's weak, going through people's replies to make a post. refer to rigged pw.


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                  A great dancer participates at his/her own will and not at the will of compounding as many points. I think they're ok if they have it and I think it's ok if they don't. I doesn't bother me any.
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                  Enjoying the ride.
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                    Originally posted by pumped_up
                    that's weak, going through people's replies to make a post. refer to rigged pw.


                    I think this question should be expanded and have it's own thread. It is definitely worthy of discussion.

                    New threads keep fresh with a new avenue to comment on.

                    What's wrong with that?

                    Should I not go through and read other peoples' replies?

                    Is there a rule not to?

                    Are you weak?
                    Last edited by WhoMe; 03-07-2005, 11:51 AM.
                    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                      I don't really care about spot checks!

                      I usally don't care if they are having spot checks, but if they are and I'm out there, forsure I am going to flash my number.
                      Powwows ain't that easy anymore especially if you have children.

                      The rule staying in your outfit till you recieve your prize money, just kills me.
                      I know this rule is to showcase the winners, but by the time the powwow committee is done dragging the powwow on, spectators are already gone
                      Has anybody heard of this rule.


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                        not knowing

                        so,why didn't you just answer the reply, because you didn't know how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                          When I had my baby and was nursing and dancing, spot checks sucked!! becuase they'd always happen when I was off nursing (in my mind LOL) or changing the baby or putting the baby to sleep...Also, sometimes my children SUDDENLY have to use the potty or they get hurt, or I gotta go feed them or change their clothes...and it is really hard because spotchecks make it hard for I don't really like spot checks..I like to enjoy myself and enjoy my family!
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                            It is a ceremony, the giftbaskets to particpants became money and money became greed, so they created a dance off and the top 4 got paid and the others gifts, but suddenly the ceremony became the contest, then it became the only reason they showed up, to gamble their dancing talent to win some money and not dance to give thanks or partake in your tribal ceremonies.

                            Committee's can do what they want and in the touri$m side, a drum singing with a few dancers dancing all day through-out the intertribals is boring, so get'em all out there and make'em dance. The better the show the better the NEXT YEAR'S PAYOUTS WILL BE. You know the crowds quit shopping when the contests start.

                            I personally don't mind it, cause it's always a contest on every song, not just the contest songs. So I'd opt to make 3-5 contest songs per category, that'd be eye-catching spectacular, unless everyone's outta shape.

                            If you're counting on winning to get home and lose out cause of a spot check, you shouldn't be traveling. Committee's and communities are smarter than the average dancer, and the rules they lay out are for good reason.

                            It's a buncha tribes and traditions still mashing together, eventually it'll all be the same like whities & blacks and then we'll be saying, "We should mix it up, change something, hey let's have a spot check to get'em all riled up! *laughs*."

                            So yeah if you're a smart dancer you'll only attend the powwows that you know don't have spot checks, then you'll be happy.

                            The should have singer spot checks to, I imagine, they say you should always be at your drum, but for powwows like denver when you only sing once or twice in a day, no way. So yeah every powwow is different and we should accept it and play along, cause I know one good thing is bound to be taken over, commercialized (pimped) and taxed. Be happy to win when you do, it's tax free (for now).

                            Yeah you should wear your outfit till the end, it makes'em remember you next time. Besides you wear it to contest for the money, wear it to receive the money, it's an honoring.
                            ...jus put on Mandareeeee....


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                              spot cheat

                              spot checks are put in place so that the head judge isn't caught cheating. If someone they know is behind on points, they get tabulators to add spot check points, so that their buddies are in the winners line.


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