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Apache Gold Winnerz Anyone!?!

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  • BurBz
    Rocky park are my bros and nephews! ...went to support them out at CSU LB

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  • T. Jude Fox
    Oh Shi Dineth Heart Throb! Chaah!
    Doing fine, fiiiinaally got back to, stiiill can't remember my other ID's tho, so the names gonna have to do till I remember which email I started'em with, don't wanna make any newbies either.

    So who's your nephs and ncs? So far I've only a few powwow planned this year, so we'll see. Send me some of your photos, k?

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  • BurBz
    Hi Jude!! how you doing bro!! :)

    I went to CSU Long Beach...supported my brothers/nephews ..they were host drum there! I have a few pics of that pw..actually of just my bros! :lol it was a good pw..

    sounds like apache gold was a good one!!

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  • T. Jude Fox
    Sounds like a gooood ooone. Congrats to my ol skool bro's Tha Tribe! Way to go Wesley and Mrs.
    I'm glad Daryl gooderzwill is still winnin.
    And the shocker Neal Thunderhawk, must be the new roach eh? ayee. Musta been a doozie with Randell stompin' 2.
    Michael Roberts with a big win, send me more calendars!
    Congrats to Tahnee Williams and Amber Old Horn.
    The southern categories look strong too.
    Anyone postin' photo's yet?

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  • xTekno
    Originally posted by Grizzly
    What drums showed up and who all placed in the drum contest??
    Grizzly, this means you either went to Wa:K or to CSU Long Beach. If you're not going to Denver March, come on up to Chinle for the one-day YouthFest Powwow this weekend (3-19).

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  • sweetpea
    Womens Jingle
    1 Henrietta Scalplock
    2 Ursula Windyboy
    3 Tahnee Williams

    Womens N Cloth
    Amber Old Horn
    Lisa Little Iron
    Wanda Nelson--not sure

    Womens N Buckskin
    Tosha Goodwill
    Summer Baldwin
    Jacinta Tsosie

    Womens S Cloth
    Ponca We Victors
    Yvonne (not sure how to spell last name, not gonna try)
    Roberta Smith

    Womens S Buckskin
    Kerry Meyers
    Jamie Dallas ? only 2 in this category

    Womens Fancy
    Ursuloria Kanuho
    Laverna Thompson
    SallyAnn Jack

    Mens Grass
    Wesley Windyboy
    Randy Paskemin
    Darrell Goodwill

    Mens Fancy
    Micheal Roberts
    Wayne Silas
    Spike Draper

    Mens N Trad
    Ardell Scalplock
    Brando Jack
    Alvin Littleowl

    Mens S Straight
    Shude Victors
    Juaquin Hamilton
    (forgot his name, sings w/Southern Outlawz)

    Mens Grass Special
    Randy Paskemin
    Neal Thunderhawk
    Buck SpottedTail

    Mens Chicken Special
    ? Bedonie

    Southern Singing
    Dirty South (only 3 S drums)

    Northern Singing
    Tha Tribe
    War Scout
    Midnite Express

    Teen Norther
    3rd. J'shon Tsosie
    2nd. Utania Nelson
    1st. Marissa Woody

    I think shes from Cali
    ??? Monroe
    Celeste McGurke

    Prairie Rose Jack
    Shalene Nelson
    Joville Pacheco

    Nicalani Kanuho
    I think Patricia not sure
    Deseree Redhouse

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  • ndnflyguy
    apche gld pw

    good drums, good music, good dancing...sounds like good times. need some good results. anyone?

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  • oOoSouthernStyozoOo
    1st...the Tribe
    2nd...War Scout
    3rd....Midnite Xpress...
    or it could be the other way around...lmao

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  • Grizzly
    ~Drums @ Apache Gold~

    What drums showed up and who all placed in the drum contest??

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  • injunboy
    im gonna go ahead and say midnite express won. they have been better but even then they were so much better than the others. glad wild rose made it and tha tribe. alot of nice songs there at the powwow. the cozads it seemed brought some differnt songs. i dont know if thats correct but they sounded differnt. even for the mens fancy songs. they just didnt bring the ole standard. it was nice... okay

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  • stickybunsbuffalobal
    started a topic Apache Gold Winnerz Anyone!?!

    Apache Gold Winnerz Anyone!?!

    Anyone know who won HUH!........ANYONE POST'EM UP !.....

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