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  • Denver Results??

    Hey someone tell us who won? Who was there? Who broke up....aye. I know they usually post them, but they aren't up yet. Also, if anyone knows, who won the specials?
    It does not require many words to speak the truth.
    Chief Joseph

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    hijacked from ndnsports...congrats to willow jack and all those other fabulous ladies...

    1st - Julius Not Afraid
    2nd - Jason Cook
    3rd - Jon Taken Alive
    4th - Buck Spotted Tail
    5th - ??

    1st - Tanksi Clairmont
    2nd - Lisa Ewack-Noon
    3rd - Kellie LeBeau
    4th - ??
    5th - ??

    1st - Willow Jack
    2nd - Acosia Leighton
    3rd - Cepa
    4th - Yvette Ewack
    5th - Denise One Star

    1st Daryl Jack

    1st - Merle Eagle Speaker

    That's all I can remember........


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      Teen Girls Jingle Dress Special (13-19)
      Congrats to Candice Mc Cabe


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        check em' out


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          Those are last years winners.....
          It does not require many words to speak the truth.
          Chief Joseph


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            Thanks for trying First Lady...

            Now can ya give us the real results????
            Just teasing ya


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              lol well i didn't exactly go to the website to see the results...just knew the website

              anywayz....i'm sure sooner or later they'll be up!!


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                DANG peeps is right.....same winnerz every year ha! ha!
                "I'd rather be @ a POW-WOW!"


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                  Terry Larvie Men's traditional special went to:
                  MJ Bull Bear
                  Terry Brockie
                  Fred Fox
                  Paris Leighton?
                  JR White Hat
                  Robert Tiger
                  Lonnie Street?

                  Women's Northern Traditional Special:
                  Carmen Clairmont
                  Dawn Decora
                  Jodi Gillette
                  consolation winners:
                  Women's Old Style Fancy Shawl: Delores Hayes

                  Jingle Dress Special: ?
                  Willow Jack
                  Teen Girls Fancy:
                  Amber Cleveland

                  Leela Abrahamson
                  Lauren Frank

                  Teen Girls Jingle
                  Candace Mccabe?
                  Ashley Phelps

                  Teen Boys Grass
                  Cante Knight
                  Steve Dubray Jr.
                  Naca Charging Crow

                  Robin Pudwill winner of Delmarina One Feather Tradtional special

                  The team dancers were funny...LOL thats all I can rem right now...
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                    i kant remember ne lol....the powwow waz good tho
                    ~*iF u dOnT kNo BaBy nOw u kNo.....bOy i KaN dO tHaT*~


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                      Originally posted by ndngirl73
                      MENS N. TRADITIONAL
                      1st - Merle Eagle Speaker
                      Congratulations Merle! HOKA!!
                      **"Father eagle will always guide and protect."**


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                        Hey who won the team dance and what other dancers were there? wish i coulda gone....


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                          Teen Girls Fancy
                          1st-Amber Cleveland
                          2nd-Sally Ann Jack
                          3rd-Leela Abrahamson
                          4th-Lauren Frank
                          5th-Alexa Rae Funmaker
                          Tough comp in this one

                          Teen Girls Jingle
                          1st-Candace McCabe
                          2nd-Ashley Phelps~~>way to go girl
                          3rd-Jessica Growning Thunder
                          4th-Jovi Pacheco
                          5th-Zuni Moore

                          womens fancy shawl special honoring Kira Meeks
                          1st-Tanksi Clairmont
                          2nd-Amber Cleveland
                          3rd-Lisa Ewak-Noon
                          4th-Alexa Funmaker

                          Womens Traditional Special
                          1st-Carmen Clairmont
                          2nd-Dawn Decora (tied w/ carmen)
                          3rd-Jodi Gillette~~~>she was jamming in this special
                          consolation: Alva Fiddler, Summer Baldwin, southern dancer
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                            LOL..the team Dance was so fun....!!!
                            Jingle Explosion got 5th..and we were ALL off..Merle's team was gettin in our way on purpose!!!!
                            It was fun
                            1st PBR-Phillip Whiteman
                            2nd-Merle's tradish team
                            3rd-Grass dancer's Julius's team
                            4th- Fancy Pimpin JaZz's Team
                            5th- Jingle Explosion- Willow, Acosia, December, Candice, Zuni!!!! We exploded out there!!
                            Nuwa-nu!!..Look at the Yummy Yaha's!!mmmm..mmm Real injun food!!
                            Agai-Dika from the great state of potatoes (Lemhi Shoshone-Bannock). So Don't panic, I'm Bannock. P.S. heres my quote: uncle Gary Abrahamson "Don't sweat the petty things, Pet the sweat things!"
                            :character:merrychri:eyelashes:eyelashes:eyelashes :eyelashes:
                            eyelashes:eyelashes:eyelashes:eyelashes:eyelashes: eyelashes:


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                              What about southern categories???

                              Does anyone have the winner list for the southern categories???
                              Men's straight
                              Women's s. cloth
                              women's s. buckskin
                              undefined[SIZE=3]undefineR Tweety Rez


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