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    is a '49 babe the same thing as a powwow parking lot hood rat?
    Poetry is life in print.


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      Originally posted by Homalosa

      is a '49 babe the same thing as a powwow parking lot hood rat?

      Homalosa, *L

      Yup they are one in the same! Both are nocturnal and run for cover when the headlights shine on them! *LOL

      You can spot them in the daytime with the dark sunglasses on, actin' grumpy!
      Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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        I again am one who does not remember Pow Wow without Grand Entry. I was always running late, putting on my bells, making sure my roach feathers were secured and finishing my fry bread. With the occasional fix of the lion cloth.


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          Originally posted by Veritas
          With the occasional fix of the lion cloth.

          I hope the lion is dead before you put him on!


          Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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            Right. Might rip something off. Something thats very very very important to you fella. Or atleast put something in its mouth.*L*
            blah blah blah....


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              Grand Entrys

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                alden pompana

                remember when you dropped your feathers, and scooped them up on your own


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                    alden pompan

                    I remember this story a friend of mine told me that this guy actually started his contest by layin face down on the ground. This must be a Ontario thing! So, his feathers were already on the ground before he even dropped his feathers later in the song. I was told that the announcer actually asked the gentleman to come up, who dropped his feathers. There was no show from him. Then he won and beat out a lot of dancers. I'm pretty sure he won first. What a class act!


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                      Who Me........ , I can only share what I recall. As far back as I can remember, which is pretty far!) the Pawnees have had what we call a 'parade in'. It's sort of like a grand entry but the singers bring in the big drum and the dancers follow the processional, and no points are taken. As a kid I don't remember grand entries as they are today, but rather a 'parade in' of dancers. Once you were in the arena, you sat and were respectful and danced to all songs (you didn't walk around the drum as though you are bored). There wasn't any of this running around outside the arena, or laughing real loud. The arena was respected and people were reverent. People wore their own tribal clothes, that's how you could tell when you had visitors. Anyways, that was back in the day, all things change.
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                        Grand Entry
                        everyone just danced when the drum started ?
                        Grand Entry-I geuss if you wanted to make a grand entry you would JUST DO IT like Nike says!
                        Have peace on your path.


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                          I spoke to my mother and she said that grand entries have always been a part of the Crow Creek Fort Thompson, South Dakota powwow ever since she can remember so I'd say the year was 1950 or so. She also remembers only one jingle dress dancer who's name was Veronica Begola. She also mentioned that her steps kind of resembled a Charleston dancer but I'll have to question her again.


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                            grand entries

                            Personally I like it when they do the prayers and introductions before the grand entry. Seems to save time.

                            And as for the order, I feel there should at least be one warrior taking up the rear to protect the procession. Gotta watch their back ya know.....


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                              If someone doesn't want to dance during grand entry, they shouldn't be obligated too. No one is holding a gun to their head. Its all about choice. If you aren't dressed on time, so what? Maybe you need to manage your time better, if you want to dance during grand entry.

                              But if they are one of those that thinks they will win, or do this for a living you better be on time, or have a judge on the payroll, or be that good when you dance to win. If you don't win. Maybe you need to re-evaluate your choice of career as a dancer. Its not all about winning though. I thought dancing was about prayer and dancing for those that can't dance. Its the sign of the times when money is involved. Need to have it. Or its nice to win, but its not the priority? Some Ndns just like to dance.
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                                Regarless of why people are out there a PW just wouldn't be the same without GE
                                Civilzation has been thrust upon me..and it has not added one whit to my love for truth, honesty, and generosity Chief Luther Standing Bear


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