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Who's Killing Eagles For Powwow Profit!

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    Originally posted by woggs
    On that note heres what I heard..but i may only be rumor...
    I heard that in Canada it is perfectly legal for ranchers to kioll eagles to protect their cattle...and i heardr that the ranchers do throw the eagles away!!But, I have no first hand experience someone heard it from someone who told me..LOl
    Well, as long as you got it from a reliable source................


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      The word is that as many as 50 dead birds have been found, but that may be the tip of the iceberg. Some sources say that as many as 500 birds a year may be killed on the south coast of B.C. The people who may be responsible are said to be young native men, who are killing the birds for a middle man who then sells them on the black market. This what the news up here has been saying so far, just a heads up for those of you from the States who don't get our newscasts.


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        I personally wouldn't buy or trade for any feathers that I didn't know where they came from. My last bird came from my brother who found dead on the river banks while hunting deer. For me, I think its a matter of respect. I think people don't eat meat because of the way the animals are violently killed, and they say that absorbs into the life force. And when we absorb that by eating it, we get negativity. That goes for the eagles that are violently blasted for its tail and plumes. I wouldn't wanna use those tainted feathers cause who knows what kinda bad medicine is created when $uckers do that to "our messenger" as it was put earlier. It seems like it wasn't too long ago that the threat of losing our sacred bird was clear and present, but now they are off the Endangered Species list and here we as native people are about to put them right back on! what tha Pluck? Do we really have any intregrity?


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