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Who's Killing Eagles For Powwow Profit!

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  • nativemom
    Holy Crap! crazy.

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  • 50cal
    Shyt, I wish I was so I could have my fan all ready for the meeting.........*L*......

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  • flicker_fan2005
    started a topic Who's Killing Eagles For Powwow Profit!

    Who's Killing Eagles For Powwow Profit!

    Are the ones buying these feathers just as guilty as the ones blasting these young birds, for black and whites. It seems the younger the better. Is there anybody trading these days? Is it alright to purchase along with a gift or trade? How do you feel about smoking are messenger to look good, or purchasing ones young on the black market.

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  • Nezbah
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  • contemptradish
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    hi. good topic. this made me think of something. how do people feel about gifting non- natives with eagle feathers? or even, what are the laws along those lines?

    02-07-2001, 01:31 PM
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