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  • Drumming/singing ediquette

    As a manner of clarification, what is respectful drumming/singing ediquette? What are the "unwritten rules" of conduct that most drums follow and What are absolute No-No-s? Please singers, let's share our experiences and opinions.

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    [COLOR=Magenta][[SIZE=5]FONT=Georgia]All I know is that when I moved to the NorthWest I was completly surprised to see women sitting down and drumming with the men !!! I was like OMG!!!! Where I come from that is a huge NO-NO.We only sing back up and stand behind the drum. I guess its diff. wherever you are.[/FONT][/SIZE


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      it really does depend where u r from...women touching rounddance drums are a big no-no here..but there are women drum groups around here..mostly women sing backup behind the singers.

      being stoned or drugs are suppose to be big no no-s too but we all know some singer(s) are one or the other or both.

      respecting your drum is the number one thing. some believe your drum should stay on the ground so flying it somewhere is not recommmended.

      singing your own sings is another thing - or asking permission first or a song might be given to your drum by a songmaker. also singing a different song everytime you sing is prefered but there are drums out there that pull out the same three songs all weekend. most people don't realize this happens either but if you're there all weekend all day you notice.
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        re post

        Boozhoo niji,

        I am really intersted in this thread. I carry a drum, its one that I made myself. I have carried it for around 4 years, trying to find singers.

        As far as I know, the headsinger, or drum carrier makes the rules, where i have been, they usually explain things so as these things are known. Around my drum, I ask that people come to him in a good way, and sober. I ask that alcohol and drugs be kept away. I dont do any of these things, I believe that they are the pollution of the white man.

        As far as songs go, as far as I know, anything that is intertribal is up for grabs. Prayer songs and family songs should be sung only by the ones that own them, unless permission is given by them for a drum to sing them. That is something I learn on the rez, if you sing a song out of context, without persmission, I was told they will take your drum away at best, and send you off the rez.

        I am sure there are other things out there, that I must learn, maybe that is the reason I have no singers. I dont know.

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