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      Hey, that's my favorite sandwich (bologna potato chip sandwiches ). I thought the Indian taco prices were also outrageous. I'm used to paying $3.00 for them. This one guy sitting in front of us had one and it barely had anything on top of it. If you have to pay that much for one, they should load it up. I noticed that they had a lot of empty vendor spaces at the top. That area is usually packed with vendors. I agree with AngieBuns' comment on the fairness of the powwow. I don't think it's fair that the Adult's prize money is more than the Elders and Golden Age. $1,500 for first place. Golden Age gets $1,000 and the last time I knew, the Elders got $300 for first. It might be more this time. This year's powwow winners (in some of the categories) were different because most of the judges were from around the southwest area. Some of the top dancers didn't even get in. But, you can't win all the time. It's good to see different dancers place once in a while.


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        The food prices are high, the lines never end (at the popular food stands) and there is mucho dinero to be made.

        A close friend of the family set up a food booth last year. After paying for food, supplies, vendor rental space, health permit, workers wages and incidentals, her food booth cleared...


        That's "profit" for the 2-days!

        That's why your Indian taco was $7.50
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          Now I know what to do next year.....

          ...if I go. I will pack a lunch or either, as suggested, eat before I go in and leave when its time to eat again. I couldn't help but notice that all food prices were the same. I was looking for a little bit of competitiveness in food prices, someone with a cheaper food price. I figured it was all set up, since the prices were all the same.

          i've got no complaints for the powwow, itself, all that is great. Even the admission price was good and reasonable, but I was floored by the food prices!


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            I think that the food prices are ridiculous at GON... it is a total rip off... what they sell isn't the best quality for that type of price.


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              Yea yea

              I had the worst Indian BURRITO of my LIFE at GON 2005. I paid $7.50 for and, so I had to eat it. I can't belive how expensive things where. I spent like $700.00 there and didn't eve buy very much. I got home and was looking at all my stuff like "thats it??? Thats all I bought??" DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                What did you buy? If you don't mind me asking?

                Do it Indian Style...........bring food in from the outside, it ain't that serious to buy a taco that don't have shyt on it. You can always go to another powwow.
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                  i know thats what i'm wondering.what did you buy?? a peace pipe?? LOL JK JK...I WAS JOKING ABOUT THE PIPE!!! OKAY!!!!! SO NO ONE GET ALL DEFENSIVE! maybe bought animal furr from one of the biligana's LOL!


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                    But their animal spirit guide TOLD them to buy!


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                      Tip jars!

                      ......yeah, and they actually had tip jars out. At the first booth, I stood in line for at least 15 minutes, service was not that great, and then to ask for a tip on top of the food prices....!
                      Any way I learned my lesson. I'll leave this topic alone for awhile.


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