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  • Tawny Hale

    Congratulations for your first place winning at GON. She is respected and admired in CALI.

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    She placed 1st at ASU the week before GON too!


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      I don't know who this is and I don't think I've ever seen her dance before. I heard from my good friend she's pretty wicked though. I heard she's kind of old something from the 70's. Much props though.....she's Dakota....LOL. Congrats girl.
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        I saw her dancing and she seperated herself from all the other dancers. I was filming the dancing and she was tearing it up! Old school, yep! I haven't seen anyone dance like her in a long time too. Everyone has the same style and even her dress was old school, nothing extravagant, simple, but she outs all the others. Her crow hop was awesome too!
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          mad props for a native sister

          I seen Tawny (sorry if its misspelled) at ASU. Dawm girl you got it going on. I have to agree she did stick out in the crowd and it waas cool to see that she won gathering. What I also noticed was she danced every intertribal, and I mean danced not just got out there and walked around. With an attitude like that and the pure love for dancing she will go a long way and eventually get to the top. My only advice to you Tawny is stay humble and respect the gift the creator gave to you, dont ever put the almighty dollar ahead of that and you will be a champion to remember. Much love and respect for a native sister.


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            There's just something about her that makes you say (fill in the blank)

            I have to say that she was pretty bad *** out there @ ASU.

            Love the otter wraps!!!

            Woohoo for her!!!


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              We've seen her many times in SoCal doing her thang and getting it on out was cool to watch her dance again.....oh and if you read this my cuz thinks your purty....LOL!!! all tryin to play matchmaker.....LOL!!!

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                My mom and my aunt and my gramma..all had this gurl for 1st..she is awesome..very unique..stands out..she's nice, beautiful..and all that..I am happy for her..good job Tawny..stay cool...:)
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                  Originally posted by 50calNDN
                  We've seen her many times in SoCal doing her thang and getting it on out was cool to watch her dance again.....oh and if you read this my cuz thinks your purty....LOL!!! all tryin to play matchmaker.....LOL!!!

                  try this site 50, if you are looking to set some peepz up *aye, j/k*, where I found my man, I know of several people that have been set up and its worked great!


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                    I agree with everyone, Ms Hale did stand out from the rest of the fancy shawl dancers. I had to ask who she was when I first saw her. I liked her old school style and hairdo. She really stood out from the rest of the french braided dancers. And it didn't matter that she stopped during the song. I think a few others did too. She's an awesome dancer. Congrats to her for getting the top spot!!!!!!


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                      I noticed her the first night and thought that was pretty cool she was dancing sort of old school. she pulled out some grass dance like moves and had mad energy. only 'cept back in the day, when you overstepped or stopped too soon, you disqualified yourself. (got to admire Daryl Goodwill who overstepped during the grass dance special & took himself out but was asked to step back in.) but since that's not that case nowadays, she came out on top! much congrats to her! her dancing reminded me of Judy Red Tomahawk from Standing Rock, ND, who is still dancing by the way and still has the old school moves.


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                        yep i agree, i never saw her dance before, but she did stand out from the crowd, not flashy, just her dancing ability reminded me of old school, she was dancing every intertribal and when they called her to the winners circle, she still had on her outfit......... mad props and respect to this lady, made me proud aye!
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                            Beautiful picture. I'm sure she'll be hitting all the Southern Cali powwows. I got to say, she did have alot of energy, even when they retired the staff at the end of the powwow, she was still kicking up dust.
                            Fall down 7 times, get up 8. MY FAMOUS WORDS.


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                              Whooooooooo Hoooooooooo....way to go Tawny.....congrats!!!!!!!! way to go at ASU and GON


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