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GON - Who's going back in 2006?

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    we usually decide to go once the flyer comes out to see what kinda specials there are and what not. My hubby was all about the midnight special this year so we had to go. BUT!! They whole wristband experience was not cool so that might affect our decision making for 06. We'll as many times people complain about how they are not going to gathering they all end up back there so we'll see....


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      2006 Gon

      I probably will go back, I usually buy my tickets online and avoid the whole contravorsy with wrist bands. Seems like alot of people did that this year. I think that's probably why they ran out. Most of the people I was in line with for the Will Call were mostly anglo?
      But GON gives me a chance to dance to some awesome drums. I thought the wrist band issue was wrong though!!


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        yah k lets see how many of them groups show up next year

        Originally posted by injunboy
        heres the drum lineup for friday
        mystic river
        young kindbird
        midnite express
        meskwaki nation
        the boys
        eya hey nakoda
        bad nation
        rio grande
        young scouts
        atsa butte

        with drums like this and some of the best dancers dancing.... who wouldnt go.. ?
        i wouldn't go by this list maybe wait for a somewhat better idea of who's going cause i dout your going to see half of the same groups there next year
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