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Yvette Ewalk to graduate OU

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  • sltate
    started a topic Yvette Ewalk to graduate OU

    Yvette Ewalk to graduate OU

    This is to let all of you out in "pow wow land" that Yvette Ewalk will be graduating from OU tomorrow, May 14, with her Masters. She works in Anadarko and specializes in working with children as a counselor.
    Yvette has lived down here for 4 years and has worked hard to complete her education in states. I have had the honor of being her friend for about 10 years now after befriending her sister Lisa when our older children were babies(Amber and my daughter Liz)LOL
    It is good to know that our pow wow people are also contributing to their communities and setting examples by getting educated and implementing their education to assist Native Americans. So I guess Yvette is a Boomer Sooner now!LOL

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