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Remembering Shianne Bull-baptiste

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  • Remembering Shianne Bull-baptiste

    Just A Few Words To Honor The Memory Of Our Little Sister...shianne Bull-baptiste Who Tragically Passed Away Friday May13th...she Was One Of The Most Amazing People On This Earth...she Was A Fancy Shawl Dancer And A Very Awesome One At That...for Those That Knew Her...she Always Had A Smile For Everyone She Met...she Was Such A Positive Person...she Loved Her Family Her Friends And She Loved Life...she Was A Dancer And A Singer...she Was A Back Up Singer For Her Father's And Uncle's Drum Group...the Battle Creek Singers...she Was A Back Up Singer For Us...the Wild Horse Singers...we Will Miss Her Deeply As We Try To Carry On What She Always Encouraged Everyone Who Met Her To Do...we Will Sing For Her...we Will Dance For We Know She Will Be Dancing And Singing With Us...we Will Miss Her Beautiful Smile...her Laugh...but When we Close Our Eyes She Will Be She Will In Our Hearts And Minds Forever...this Was Going To Be Shianne's Year...we All Knew...and It Will Be Shianne's We Sing For For Her...she Will Always Hold A Special Place In Our Hearts...we Love You In Peace...little Sister...we'll Miss You Boo-boo...

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    This is so sad......sympathies to the family.
    It does not require many words to speak the truth.
    Chief Joseph


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      daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend
      breathtakingly beautiful
      that smile
      that laugh
      beside cyrina - always
      her song

      Good-Bye Boo Boo
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        shianne bull_babtiste

        This Is So Tragic.for The Family..for Cyrina..the Parents..the Siblings..dayem..pray So Much For The Family..she Was Such An Awesome Singer..always Enjoyed Hearing Her Sing With Her Sister And Antie..she Brought Light To Where Ever She Went..always Showing People That Nice Smile Of Hers..she Was Beautiful..always Admired Her Looks..was A Great Dancer.when She Was Out There She Owned The Dance Floor..she Had This Very Uniqie Way Of Expressing Herself When She Was Dancing..alot Of Support To The Babtiste And Bull You In Young You Were I Always Thought You Were A Legend Dancing Out There..peace


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          with sympathy

          It is with great sadness to hear the passing of Shianne, I watched her grow up, my sister Lisa and I know her family very well and my brother Trevor sang w/her dad. Shianne was an up and coming champion fancy shawl dancer, she had the natural ability to be a butterfly out there in the dancing circle, she was very pleasing to the eye. I know her grandmother came for her and may she rest peacefully. With our sincerest sympathy from the Ewalk family to Tina & Gerald Baptiste and Walter Bull and family.


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            my condolences to the families
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              I am so sorry to hear this....will keep family in my prayers. Her spirit will continue to dance and will be with those drums....
              Everything is gonna be alright!

              Be blessed - got love???

              This b me.....



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                My prayers and blessings go out to these families..this is a very sad thing....I never knew her but I've seen her dance..and she was AEWSOME!..she will be remembered
                Nuwa-nu!!..Look at the Yummy Yaha's!!mmmm..mmm Real injun food!!
                Agai-Dika from the great state of potatoes (Lemhi Shoshone-Bannock). So Don't panic, I'm Bannock. P.S. heres my quote: uncle Gary Abrahamson "Don't sweat the petty things, Pet the sweat things!"
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                  We'll Miss you

                  Our prayers are with your family. We loved you very much Shianne, and we'll miss you dearly. You left an enormous whole in our hearts.

                  To the family, we deeply express our condolences. She was very special to us. Especially Ty. What a beautiful talented lady we'll miss.

                  Our prayers are with you,
                  Spike, Kim, Cash


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                    My regards

                    She was a beautiful lil woman,whos graceful dancing i'd had tha pleasure to prayers to her family and friends,r.i.p butterfly.
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                      i'll remember you...Boo-Boo

                      well what can i's was a beautiful fitting for a beautiful young woman...she never hurt a soul...but i know we all take confort in knowing that,she is in a better place and she can't hurt anymore...we sang for her yesterday and she brought the rain to wash away our tears and we will always sing for her and dance for her...'cos she was a champion at daughter has some of her feathers...we were asked to take them to the powwow this weekend and make them dance...that's what she will be hard but we are gonna do that for her 'cos she'd have done it anyone else...she was just that type of you Shi...
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                      SHIANNE BAPTISTE-BULL


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                        Itep Exceptance

                        As I Sit Here In School...i Try Not To Dwell On The Fact That A Very Special Person Has Left My Life...and Everyone Else's...she Had So Much To Live For...we Will Never Know's Something That We Can't Go Back On...she Was The Ultimate Friend...yesterday At The Service...we Heard From The Head Of The Indian TeaCHer Education The University Of Saskatchewan Where She Attended...that She Was Excepted Into The Program After Almost 2 Years Of Taking Classes To Qualify...she Attended Classes With Her Mother...tina...cousin...delia...her Very Special Friend Deanna...THEY ALSO SANG Along With Her Sister Cyrina... For Wild's All So Heartbreaking...
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                        SHIANNE BAPTISTE-BULL


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                          My Blessings And Prayers Go Out To Her Family
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                            I send my kind thoughts and prayers for her,her family and friends. My condolences.


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                              So Much Powwow People Supporting The Family.that Was So Good To See.very Beautiful..she Had Such A Nice Cree Name, Kihew-mikquon Iskwew,,(eagle Feather Woman)..that Really Does Says Who She Is..she Was A Eagle Soaring Around On The Dance Floor Tearing It Up..iam Aiming For Indain Social Work This Fall And I Always Have Felt Not Good Enough To Do It..but When I Heard Shianne Was Excepted And She Kept Trying To Get That Tells Me Something..she Had I Really Want To Do This Becouse She Set That Example Of Want To Do The Same ..follow My Dreams To Work With Familys And Children....when Lil Madison Wrote That Letter To Her Role Model (shianne) That Was Sad To Listen To..i Can Really See Shianne In Madison Baptist.she Has The Same Energy Flow As Her Antie..always Smiling ..madison Will Carry What She Carried And I Bet You Anything She Will Be A Champion Dancer And Show What Her Antie Showed A Powwow Everytime I Walked By Shianne She Was Always Showing Madison Moves And Lil Madis Would Be Just Twirling..she Is So Cute..always Admired Shianne's Generosity And You And Rip..pry To The Family
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