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    Hope to see some of you there!! Let's hope for some great weather! There is also a hotel in Baxter Springs, KS, but it may be full already. Joplin, MO isn't very far away and has a ton of hotal rooms.


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      Originally posted by Wihey1
      Billie is not MRS. anymore. ( Hasn't been going on three years) Prize money is good thanks to the casino. This is the 1st year the casino gave this kind of money toward the contests. There is NO DRUM CONTEST. There is NO ALL AROUND CONTESTS. There is NO SWITCH CONTEST There is NO SPECIAL DANCE CONTESTS. All head staff (except one) are local and tribal members. Dress cool cause it's hot!!!!!

      Also, what do you mean when you said it hasn't been going on 3 years? If your refering to the powwow, this year it will have been going on 133 years!!!, If your refering to Billie being powwow chairman, I'm not completely for sure on that, but I know she has been chairman for at least 3 years, and has served on the committee several times before she was chairman, also if I'm not mistaken, she and her sister was in charge of putting this powwow on in the past, so Billie has been involved with putting this powwow on for many years.


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        I am undecided about this pow wow. The money is good, but I have heard they only pick their own here(in other words, the money is not going too far. LOL) Also, that the AD does not know anything about dancing, picking judges, etc. And all the hotel rooms are booked by the chairman for his out of town relatives, LOL, since the headstaff is local. Alot of controversy within the community, but sometimes you just never know. The money will draw a crowd, I understand it's the first time the casino has contributed to the pow wow committee, but the down side is that they don't know pow wow and with that much money on the line and that many dancers coming in to compete for it, well, I want to hear some positive support for this committee, all I have received is negative PM's on them. Anyone have any positive comments on this celebration other than they have alot of dance money?
        I know in the past the committee has always been hospitable, traditional, etc. Any input?
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          This is the Quapaw powwow and there's nothing wrong with having tribal people as head staff provided they are good and established on the circuit. That's what it takes in this day an time. Who is this new chairman. What kind of singer is he......northern or southern. What kind of dancer is he? Is he a pow wower at all? Just asking is all.The prize money was just as good in years past but was spread out more because there were more contests. It is hot and where you dance is like a big ole bowl.
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            i havent been to this powwow since i was a little girl...probably the age of 14yrs. but if i remember correctly, all the divisions were combined. buckskin-cloth-jingle and fancy had to all compete with each other. and i do recall all cloth dancers won and they were from around the area. is it still like that? or are they separated now?
            but, for the kids...its a fun area. alot of teenage memories.
            also...what is the aganda for sunday and monday.
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              I'm heading to this one too. Don't plan on contesting, just goin and watching and I think it's gonna be a big one this year. I thought Billie did a good job last year, it's definantly one of the "better" powwows out this ways. Hope the new commitee knows what they're doin, and that they are fair in judging, since alot of people are traveling a long ways to attend. It's ought to be an interesting weekend, at least sat. it's not supposed to be toooo hot?


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                FOR CONTACT INFO: Leonard "Catfish" Smith POWWOW Chairman, (918) 674-0097 or (479) 524-9649, Jim Greenfeather, Vice-Chairman, (918) 541-9251 or (918) 533-0233, Tribal Office (918) 542-1853 or !-888-O-GAH-PAH.

                Leanard Smith is not a singer, or a dancer that I know of (might have been in the past??) but he has been attending powwows and such his whole life, as well as serving on other powwow committee's, if I am not mistaken I think he has served on the Quapaw powwow committee in the past also. So he is deffinatly a "powwower". Not to mention he has "experinced powwow people" assiting him, so I am sure it will be a fair competition powwow, and yes as far as I know they use "the point system" as part of judgeing. As far as the agenda goes, Grand Entry will be at 8pm on all four days, unsure on what catagories will be contesting on what days. The 49 contest will be Saturday after the powwow session is over, and the Stomp Dance Leader and Shell Shaker contest will be on Sunday after the powwow session is over.
                As any powwow, this powwow has had its ups and downs in the past, at times with hardly any money to work with, but none the less they have managed to make sure it happens every year on the fouth of july weekend for 133 years now. Billie Rice has worked VERY hard at changeing the reputation of this powwow, and she has done a good job, I think this year will have the best turn out ever, and as far as I know none of the dance catagories will be combined.
                I hope to see some of you there for those of you that plan on attending and contesting, I wish all of you luck.


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                  so does anyone know the age breakdown or what catagories are combined or separated...been a really long time since i last been there!!


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                    Construction on I-44

                    For all of you coming up for the powwow through Tulsa, there is road construction from Tulsa past the Port of Catoosa Exit....last friday on our way to Thunderbird it was bumper to bumper the whole way almost to Claremore heading Eastbound.
                    So if you are trying to make the 8pm grand entry Friday plan ahead.
                    Came thru Tulsa today and there is still construction!!


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                      Last Sat. on 44 they had the highway down to only 1 lane too, but not bumper to sucks either way.


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                        quapaw pow-wow 2005

                        i've been raised and brought into the arena at quapaw pow-wow 35 years ago Catfish who is pow-wow chairman has gone to quapaw all his life and so has the Dena Rae Hughey and Jim Greenfeather they do now what they are doing when is comes to putting on a pow-wow and unfair judgeing will now come from them maybe by who has asked to judge but not by them personaly. some of us were ready for just the old standard contest instead of all the new catogories they icot and buch others came up with years ago. Stompdance contest wise we do not use it like a religion instead it is social dance to us. Sorry it offends some people but we get alot of good leaders like joe sulpher yes it is for prize money but we do have fun. We've had alot of Creeks come down and contest had to just have fun we like dancingg wit them aswell as hearing thier songs.


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                          Went tonite and watched the ladiez competition. Lotsa excellent dancers there. What I also liked is that they were having other dancers judge the comps. I saw some great dancers getting into the finals. All in All, I had a good time, can't wait to see the men's comp. tommorow nite!


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                            So, when will the winners be posted? I'm curious.....what dancers are there? any namebrand dancers? let me know. Totally intrested.
                            Are you taking me to sizzler??


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                              the powwow isn't over untill tonite. I'll try to remember some of the winners to post.


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                                From what I can remember...............

                                Women's Cloth
                                1. Alicia Mclellan
                                2. Tammy Cunningham
                                3. Buffy Simmons

                                Women's Buckskin
                                1. Tonya Moore
                                2. Salina Todome
                                3. Amy No Ear

                                Golden Age Women
                                1. Charlene Cozad
                                2. Claudia Spicer
                                3. ????

                                Golden Age Men
                                1. Darrel Moore
                                2. Andrew Grey
                                3. Tommy Spicer

                                Men's Traditional
                                1. Gabe Cleveland
                                2. Pat Moore
                                3. Edmond Tate Nevaquaya

                                Men's Fancy
                                1. George Alexander
                                2. Cortney Yarholar
                                3. Jeff Mclellan

                                Men's Straight
                                1. Denny Medicinebird
                                2. Bobby Wildcat
                                3. Milton Cunningham

                                Men's Grass
                                1. Marty Thurman
                                2. Marty Pinnecoose
                                3. Steve Byington


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