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Salamanca, NY PW July 15-17th '05

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  • Salamanca, NY PW July 15-17th '05

    Hey y'all just to let everyone know that this pow wow is still on. There's a pow wow meeting tomarrow and I will post more info then...... as for right now.....

    Seneca Allegheny Casino Veterans Powwow
    July 15-17, 2005
    Veterans Park, Salamanca, NY

    OPEN Drum Competition
    Split Northern & Southern Categories
    $4,000-3,000-2,000-1,000-$1,000 split for non placing

    $58,000 Dance Competition
    Split Northern & Southern Categories

    $17,000 Smoke Dance Competition

    Hand drum & Singing Contest Friday night

    Total prizes more than $100,000
    Traditional food, arts, crafts & More

    For additional info call 1-877-553-9500
    Pow wow is open to the public and is a drug & alcohol free family event. No pets allowed.
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    i might be gooing

    i hope i can go i hope i can go i hope i can go
    MIKMAQ MADEundefined


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      More info

      Head staff

      MC: Larry Smallwood
      Guest MC: Gary Farmer
      Head Male Judge: Joe "ponchie" Plain
      Head Female Judge: Darice Sampson
      Drum Judge: TBA
      Arena Director: Reggie Crouse
      Head Vet: David "Scoff" John
      Head Female Dancer: Lisa Jonathan
      Head Man Dancer: Clayton Logan
      Smoke Dance Singers: Blaine Tallchief & John Block

      Special Appearance by Miss Indian World-Cassie Thomas

      Vendors: Call Karen Johns @ (716) 354-9161 or Michala Redeye @ (716) 945-1790.


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        ?????????? are these two powwows the same one? Allegheny Veterans Powwow & Salamanca powwow???? same committee and same staff and everything that goes with it??? i think they should pick one name and stick to it!! *L*
        -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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          ok.. let me get a grasp here... so there is one in little valley.. and where is this one gonna be at? vet's park? and this sounds like the one at the falls too... so you have websites that I can check out?


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            Originally posted by smoke_dancer_20
   are these two powwows the same one? Allegheny Veterans Powwow & Salamanca powwow???? same committee and same staff and everything that goes with it??? i think they should pick one name and stick to it!! *L*
            I don't know about anything happening in Big Valley. Maybe that's the Iroquois Veterans powwow.

            The two powwows in July are Niagara Falls and Salamanca.

            Thunder Falls - sponsored by the Seneca Casino. July 8,9,10

            Alleghany - sponsored by the Seneca Nation. July 15,16,17
            The Iroquois Veterans powwow used to be on the second weekend in July. Jack Johnson and the Iroquois Veterans group were the sponsors. This might be the one that Smokedancer is thinking about. Maybe that one has moved to Big Valley. I don't know, and I ain't about to start a search for it.

            Good luck in finding out. Lemme know.


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              i got it now.....

              1st: thunder falls powwow.....july 8th-10th
              2nd: salamanca powwow......july 15th-17th
              3rd : north american iroquois veterans association
              13th annual VETERANS FESTIVAL ......August 20th-21st 2005
              this one is in LITTLE VALLEY ,[email protected] cattaraugus county fairgrounds i don't know if this is a powwowor just a festival?

     this is what got me all mixed up ...are these powwows ran by the same people????
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                the august vets powwow

                ok.. i got an email yesterday saying that the old Vet's pow wow in little valley is going to be smoke dance competition only. i'll paste in the info (and website) that I received......

                North American Iroquois Veterans Association, 13th Annual Veterans pow wow
                August 20 & 21
                Little Valley, HWY #353-Cattaraugus County Fairgrounds
                Grand Entry Noon both days.

                Hal Jack Johnson, Chair (716) 283-0084
                Len Longley, Vendor (716) 754-2169

                Smoke Dance Competetion only


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                  The marketing people are the same-and yes it was a bit displeasing that the flyers look the same because most people won't differentiate the 2. But Salamanca got a late start, and our Nation & casinos are sponsoring both pow wows so it made sense to utilize the marketing. Also, I call it Salamanca pow wow because of the city it's in. It's official name is Allegheny Veterans pow wow. But now for the big news in case y'all haven't heard........

                  Northern/Southern category split for Drum Contest
                  $4,000-3000-2000-1000 + honorarium for non placing drums

                  Northern/Contemp. & Southern/Old Style split for Adults (18-49)

                  Friday night specials:
                  Hand drum Contest
                  Iroquois Singing Contest
                  Boxing Match by the Knockout Factory
                  Plus food & craft vendors
                  Admission is FREE
                  Events start @ 6:00 PM

                  Drum Judge: Harvey Dreaver

                  We wanted to make it something different and hopefully bring some people over this way to experience our culture,while at the same time letting the people here experience thiers. Hope to see y'all there :)


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                    Salamanca Pow Wow

                    NOTICE: The Seneca Nation of Indians is in no way associated with the North American Indian Veteran's Association (NAIVA) or the 2005 NAIVA Pow Wow (Aug. '05-Little Valley, N.Y.)

                    Does that sum it up? Seneca/Allegany Casino Veteran's Pow Wow a/k/a Salamanca Pow Wow (July 15-17, 2005).

                    Hope this clarifies. Just be there!!!!
                    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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                      hola about
                      ~~~~~U juss Hate Me Cuz U Ain't Me!~~~~~


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                        yeah you could add more confusion by letting people know that the third weekend of july when the salamanca powwow is going on, there is the border crossing festival in niagara that same weekend ROFLMAO
                        Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                          Okay now y'all! Let's just say that the third weekend of July is gonna be an awesome pow wow that everyone should come to. Nuff said LOL
                          For realz-there's been good feedback about this powwow already and with the addition of the new category splits, extra specials and...dum da dum dum........
                          An excellent feed for our participants (think buffet) and a sm. meal on sunday-we're trying our best to make everyone feel welcome back to Salamanca. I think with the good head staff we have selected, and raised prize monies-drawing people from near and far shouldn't be such a hard task. Our great fearless leader tells us to think positive good thoughts for the weekend (and we are). So again we invite one and all to the Seneca Allegany Casino Veterans Pow wow!!!


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                            Will be there to check this powwow out on the 16th and then on my way to WA state following I-90. I'll be the one in my Army uniform driving from Fort Drum, NY.
                            R.I.P. my Bros from the 1st MAR DIV, 3rd MAR DIV, 25th I.D., 10th MTN DIV, V Corps, 170th IBCT who gave their lives in the Cold War, Marines we lost in Korea during Team Spirit '89 & Okinawa '89- bodies never recovered, Panama, 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq...


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                              We'll be on the stage 'boy...hope to meet you!
                              "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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