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    Into the West

    Hello eveyone! Well, I would just like to agree with everyone but this topic of the Sundance misrepresentation. I would like to comment about "why does it have to be Lakotas, why can't it be about someone else." I agree with you, but I would like to say this. I maybe wrong or whatever, but that is what mainstream thinks of what "Indians" are. Imagery of "Indians" are the Lakota or plains people, that is what mainstream has given to us "Indians". If you are upset about it, and what to do something about it then attack the image of "Indians". Help to rid this earth of Mascots of "Indians". This image of "Indians" through mascots are effecting the youth of tomorrow. Children see the mascots and it gives the sight to see "Indians" as this one person. We need to start somewhere and I think it is here. It impacts the youth and young age and we work with the schools to amke a better education system about "Indians" as diverse people. If I am wrong then I am wrong. I guess I will wait you people's opinion on this reply. Sorry for defending anyone I did not mean to. PilaMaYaYo


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      >>>I'm A ***** by Emily
      >>>Did you know that native americans in canada have a card that
      >>>allows them to
      >>>buy things at a cheaper price. Its called a status card.
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