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Thunderbird pw winners?

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  • Thunderbird pw winners?

    does anyone know who all won at the thunderbird pw?!!

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    this is all that I could remember...
    Women's Jingle
    1st Sheema Yearby
    2nd ???
    3rd Regina Youngbear (me)
    4th Jessi Bohay

    Womens Buckskin
    1st Kheri Myers
    2nd Tonya Moore
    3rd Alice Ann Young Bear
    4th Salina

    Tonya Moore won the Buckskin Special on Friday night
    Graham Primeaux won the Fancy Special
    Josette Wawasuck won the Fanyc Shawl special and she also took the regular contest
    Cricket Shields won the Traditional special

    Men's Fancy
    2nd JR Jaquez

    Men's Straight
    3rd Denny MedicineBird

    can't really remember other catergories...cause I was shocked I won!!
    as for teens that I could remember,
    Teen Jingle
    1st Brittany Yarholar
    2nd Tia Nevaquaya
    3rd ??
    can't remember sorry I didn't get to post the rest of the winners, hopefully someone can post more!!!!
    dance like u dance around @ home, tearin it up!


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      joanne butler took 2nd in womens jingle (that's how you do it)
      golden age men
      1st john butler
      2nd darrel moore
      3rd floyd moses
      4th ???
      womens buckskin
      3rd was salina todome
      4th Alice Ann Young Bear
      womens cloth
      3rd tracy pewo
      heard this cateorgy was jammed pack with good dancers 27!!
      mens fancy
      4th billy pewo sr.
      sorry don't know the rest!!


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        any more winners...dying to know informent didn't get all the i am totally clueless....


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          I was in the parking lot and only took down the adult winners.

          Cloth - 4th - KK Franklin
          3rd - Tracy Pewo
          2nd - Althea Monessey (Spelling?)
          1st - Quannah (?) Little Axe

          Buckskin - 4th - Alice Young Bear
          3rd - Salina Todome
          2nd - Tonya Moore
          1st - Kerri Myers

          Jingle - 4th - Jessie Bohay
          3rd - Regina Young Bear
          2nd - Joanne Butler
          1st - Sheema Yearby

          Fancy - 3rd - Julia Morrow (Last name?)
          2nd - Amanda Weryackwe (?)
          1st - Josette Wawasuck

          Golden Age Women - 4th - Ally Chaddlesone
          3rd - Joyce Miller
          2nd - Jonita Sage
          1st - Linda Tsonetokoy

          Sorry, didn't get the Golden Age Men.

          Straight - 4th - Kelly Switch
          3rd - Denny Medicine Bird
          2nd - Jason Lightfoot
          1st - Justin Yearby

          Traditional - 4th - Andrew Vasquez
          3rd - Marcus Androtti
          2nd - B.J. Haury
          1st - Cricket Shields

          Grass - 4th - Randy Brokeshoulder
          3rd - Terrance Goodwill
          2nd - Ed Black, Jr.
          1st - Marty Thurman

          Fancy - 4th - Billy Bemo
          3rd - Graham Primeaux
          2nd - J.R. Jaquis (Spelling ?)
          1st - George Alexander

          Northern Drum - 2nd - Plains Drifters
          1st - Native Eagle

          Southern Drum - 3rd - Otter Trail
          2nd - Sizzortail
          1st - Poor Boys

          There were a lot of good dancer that, in my opinion, didn't get in that should have. But as we all know, all powwows are different and you never know if you'll place or not. Sure was hot.


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            this was a good pow wow, it was nice and cool once the sun went down. LOL
            I have only one complaint, please be patient with me on this one:
            My youngest daughter, Rebekah, was given a jingle dress two years ago. For the past two years she has danced traditional jingle and has danced in Minnesota with the older ladies when the traditional round dance songs have been sung for ceremonial and enjoyment purposes. Two weeks ago, she danced with them in the old style jingle contest at Hinckley and was honored by the committee and one of the ceremonial leaders(which was a man, the men dance the round dance too and they are awesome) came and told her to represent that dress and dance whenever those songs are sung out of respect for the dress she wore. She has always exhibitioned with the women when they round dance.
            Well, she tried to exhibition with them at Thunderbird when they danced their round dance and was pulled out by the arena director. "Pulled" meaning he took her out of the arena after the song started. This was very disrespectful to our family and to the dress she wears with responsibilities that go with it. When my older daughter asked him why he did that he said"she is too little to be out there and not allowed to dance with the women". She was not competing, only dancing to the song as instructed by her elders. She was very hurt and I put money on the drum that sang out of respect for the song and the dance itself. My husband was not there or else he would have addressed it publicly, but being a woman I did not feel I could get on the microphone or confront the A.D. in that same manner as my husband would have. We were very upset and my daughter was very upset, she did not understand and I had to explain to her that not every committee understands the songs and the responsibility of that dress, which is not just for competition but for healing and dancing for the people.
            Other than that, they had a good pow wow.
            I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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              sltate, man I didn't know that happened, I am sorry that happened to your daughter. I have noticed that she dances with us women and enjoy watching her dance. She can really get down!!! That is wack that the AD did that to her, which was really disrepectful to her and your family and the rest of us dancers who just love to get out there and dance!!! Tell her keep it up and don't let that get her bother her!!!
              dance like u dance around @ home, tearin it up!


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                sltate - I happen to know the AD that you are speaking of very well. I am sure that when he did that, that he did not mean any disrespect to your daughter or your family. I personally did not see the incident happen. I can understand that your daughter would like to showcase her dancing with the other women that were dancing. But, I am sure you have noticed that at other powwows there are AD's that don't want younger dancers dancing with the contestants. I have seen many AD's do this to kids of all ages. So like I said I am sure that he did not mean any harm.
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                  It is not about "showcasing", nor is it about competition, if you read my post correctly you would see that there is a responsibility that goes with that dress and only certain songs are sung for that dress. Being as she was asked to represent that tribe, the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, by their ceremonial leader...then she has the right to dance those songs.
                  If you don't understand that dress and that dance and where it comes from, then you are NOT knowledgeable of the arena and all aspects of it especially when you have that particular category dancing. That is what is upsetting, is that when you have an arena director, he should be knowledgeable of all aspects of the arena, all categories and their history and what songs are representative of that category. Had my husband been there, he would have stopped the whole pow wow, paid the drum and addressed the northern people who know this dance and acknowledge what had taken place in the arena.
                  The arena is not for competition only, but for representation of the dances we are striving to keep strong. Exhibitioning is not disruptive to the competing dancers and as you have seen in the previous post, most of them know who is exhibitioning and respect it. This has discouraged my daughter and we are taking her back to Minnesota next week and have the elders encourage her again in this dance. A few of the people who saw, came and encouraged her since they know her from the pow wow trail, Sheldon Sundown being one of them, he is from New York and very knowledgeable of the traditional ways. So, it was not a big deal to some, but it was to our family.
                  I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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                    Originally posted by sltate
                    when you have an arena director, he should be knowledgeable of all aspects of the arena, all categories and their history and what songs are representative of that category. Sheldon Sundown being one of them, he is from New York and very knowledgeable of the traditional ways. So, it was not a big deal to some, but it was to our family.
                    i agree that the AD should know what his job sundown is one of my most tradish bro's
                    -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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                      Having read your posts- I thought that I should inform you. That I was standing by the speakerstand talking to one of the committee members and witnessed one of the other committee members telling the AD to ask her to come out of the arena during that song. Being a seasoned powwow traveler I have witnessed this happen several times at different dances. Sltate-I can understand that this has upset your family but, you must remember that you are in southern country. The things that you have learned up north is not necessarily practiced down in this part of the country. There are many dancers that dance in the Jingle category that may not know other Northern tribes traditions. So there would be many people down in the south that are not as knowledgeable as you seem to be. Being said- I think that since it was not the AD's decision and he was doing his job as asked then you should recend your comment about him disrepecting your family. As I understand many different powwow committees handle situations differently and apparently they chose to handle it their way.


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                        Hi Sandy,

                        Maybe this is one of things that just make you go hmm... This wouldn't happen up North, you're right. At home, there are often exhibition dancers that dance with the contestants and walk off when they are done and this is just normal. Usually they "exhibition" within their own age group, but not always. Out of respect, even If I am not dancing, I will always stand when jingle dress songs are sung. Your daughter was only trying to do what many jingle dress dancers do when their songs are sung. I was shocked the first time I heard an announcer get after some dancers that were exhibitioning during a contest in Oklahoma. It was disrespectful for the AD to pull her when the song had already started, he could have waited until the song was over. I'm sure your daughter was embarassed and confused and that is too bad.

                        I really hope that your daughter won't be discouraged by this. I complimented you about your older daughter at Red Earth and when I was watching the Teen Girl's Jingle at Thunderbird, I was once again impressed with her grace. She is one of the few teen dancers here in Oklahoma that I really like to watch. I am glad to see that you are taking your girls' commitment to dance Jingle seriously and are exposing them to the right ways, there are not enough people doing that.


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                          Regardless of who is exhibitioning and what style they are dancing. You are not up North and things are handled differently in the South. The only disrespect that I see is that you let your daughter who was not a contestant in the Women's category go out and dance while the women contestants were competing. If you let one younger person go out then they will all will want to go out. This can be very disruptive to the other dancers. There is a time and a place for exhibitioning and obviously this wasn't the time. You say that powwows are a place to keep these dances alive and that they are not only for competition. That in a way is true but, you have to remember that powwows to some are not ceremonial dances. Many tribes continue to have their ceremonial dances. Many people travel to these powwows as a form of gathering and for the competition as well. I am sure that you and your family did not go to this powwow just to dance. You were drawn to the money just like all the other dancers were. The bottom line comes down to that you let your daughter dance during that song. The AD did his job as asked and removed her. Causing you and your family embarrassment which lead this post.


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                            Hmmmm.....indeed! I'm from the south, and I've often seen the young ones exhibition with the older categories, and most times, the ADs let them.

                            Each pow-wow committee should understand that their are many different tribes who are attending the pow-wow and they each have their own way of doing things. Just because it's different doesn't make it wrong. However, I do believe that each visitor should adhere to the host as well. If a pow-wow committee doesn't want the youngsters dancing in the older categories' exhibition, then put it in the contest rules for all to see.

                            SLTATE....tell your daughter to chin up and hold her head high. I too enjoy watching her dance.
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                              That's southern powwows for ya! No just kidding... but I was going to say that it is VERy different. I am northern and spend alot of my time in nd, sd, mt and alot of other places when I hit powwows but once I got with my southern guy I started going to powwows in the Oklahoma area. It was totally different from the northern powwows that I was use to. I guess it would've been different if kids were running around in the arena all wild but that wasn't the case with this young jingler. Things probably coulda been handled things differently in that situation.


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