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  • prairie island winners

    who won the singing contest??

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    I heard Mandaree took it with Battle River second that's all I heard though lol


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      5th. High Noon
      4th. Midnite Express
      3rd. Smokeytown
      2nd. Battle River
      1st. Mandaree...

      Other drums were
      Black Lodge
      Thunder Hill
      White Tail
      Meskwaki Nation
      Red Lake
      Southern Boyz
      and a few others.

      Mystic River and Prairie Island singers were host drums.
      Mr Oakley was here

      see my powwow videos here...


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        must've been an awesome pow wow. can somebody please post a list of the winners?
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          Poncho Brady Special

          consolation winners
          Rylan Baker
          Doug Schoalfield (sp on lastname)
          Itoncha St.John
          Jerry Cleveland Jr
          Wayne Silas Jr

          5th Spike Draper
          4th Larry Yazzie
          3rd Joe Bointy
          2nd Dwight Whitebuffalo
          1st Jazz Bearstail

          Mens Crow Style Special
          Stanley Prettypaint
          4th Julius Not Afraid
          3rd Jack Old Horn
          2nd Max Spottedbear
          1st Leon Old Elk

          Womans Crow Style Special

          4th Lacy Abrahamson
          3rd Alva Fiddler
          2nd Sheri Chandler
          1st Amber Old Horn

          RG Harris Special

          4th Dwight Whitebuffalo
          3rd Daryl Jack
          2nd Spike Draper
          1st Jazz Bearstail

          Chicken dance special

          4th Skunky Scabbyrobe
          3rd Daryl Jack
          2nd Rooster Topsky
          1st Manuel M(?)

          Thats all I got I left early so I dunno about the regular contest the mayflies are too icky for me lol
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            teen girls fancy
            1st-samantha bointy
            2nd-leela abrahamson
            3rd-naomi cleveland
            4th-ahinga white cloud
            5th-taylor spoonhunter

            teen girls jingle
            1st-merri ellen brugier
            2nd-yoklot corneilous
            3rd-ashley phelps
            4th-yanabah redhouse
            5th-tia nevaquaya

            teen boys grass
            1st-cante knight
            2nd-naca charging crow
            3rd-steve dubray jr.
            4th-joseph baldwin
            5th-johnny johnson

            teen boys tradish
            1st-steve charging crow
            2nd-devon cross dog
            3rd-cleveland (forgot his name)
            4th-john richards
            5th-cant remember

            womens fancy 18-54 combined
            1st-tawny hale ($2000 richer)
            2nd-amber cleveland
            3rd-nami lasley
            4th-crystal cleveland
            5th-trisha alberts (i think)
            6th-lisa ewak-noon
            7th-urseloria kanuaho
            8th-verna street
            9th-shelly eagleman-bointy
            not sure bout the order of 4th, 5th, and 6th place

            only remember some winners, didnt write the winners down sorry
            womens jingle 18-34
            1st-willow jack
            3rd-dorothy crow feather

            womens jingle 35-54
            1st-denise one star
            2nd-evette ewak

            womens tradish 18-34
            1st-tosha goodwill
            3rd-allison laplante

            womens tradish 35-54
            1st-jodi gillette (she won another tradish special & place in the all-around)
            dawn decora, but i dont know what place

            mens grass 18-34
            1st-aj redman
            2nd-julius not afraid
            3rd-bli charging eagle
            4th-rusty gillette

            mens tradish 18-34
            1st-mj bull bear
            i know leon old elk got in there

            mens tradish-35-54
            1st-terry fiddler
            2nd-gary richards sr.
            4th-lonny street
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              did anybody see me there?

              smokeytown and mandaree sounded great. i wish the ole eyabay was still hittin it like the old days
              thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

              *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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                congrats to all the winners
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                  LOL @ injunboy......did ya sing or dance??

                  This pow wow was good......wish there were more places for singing....I felt bad for Blacklodge. They sounded good, but like with every pow wow there has to be people that don't win. Did they even have day money for drums that didn't win? Well.......the singing was very good all the way around.

                  This pow wow was soooooooooooooo HOT!!! Holay crap. It was nice though. Bugs were gross Sunday night.
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                    Oh damn those mayflys. there was pretty much none behind the announcer stand, thats where I ended up chillin. Yeah, I though Black Lodge had it for sure. Not Suprised about Eyabay not winning, I mean it IS Prairie Island. But its cool all original drums winning.

                    I think Tawny Hale won 1st in the all around too. And she was the only one still in her outfit.
                    Mr Oakley was here

                    see my powwow videos here...


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                      Women's So Cloth Winners 18-34

                      1 Buffy Simmons

                      2 Yvonne Sadongei

                      3 Julia Painter

                      4 ?

                      5 ? Liz Nevaquaya???

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                        praireisland url

                        Located in Southeastern Minnesota, the Mdewakanton have lived on Prairie Island along the wooded shores of the Mississippi and Vermillion Rivers for countless generations.


                        Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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