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Tama winners????

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  • Tama winners????

    Tama winners???? would someone please post the winners.....

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    yeah we want to know. i know Smokey Town went out there I hope they did good.


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      smokey town took 1st in the 2nd drum contest. good job smokey town


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        Originally posted by chippewa49
        smokey town took 1st in the 2nd drum contest. good job smokey town


        Then, who took 2nd in the 1st drum contest?
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          Originally posted by WhoMe

          Then, who took 2nd in the 1st drum contest?
          This should answer your question Whome. I stole this info just for you.

          Drums: 1st Black Lodge 2nd Meskwaki Nation 3rd Battle River 4th Cozad 5th Mandaree
          Memorial: 1st Smokey Town 2nd Battle River 3rd Bad Nation

          Other drums were:
          High Noon
          Southern Boyz
          Bear Heart
          Thunder Hill
          Shell Creek
          Rose Hill


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            man do you guys know the winners list...i am dying here...


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              Originally posted by jingle-babygirl
              man do you guys know the winners list...i am dying here...
              Okay...just for you I "borrowed" this list Sorry there were no teen winners posted.

              Golden Age Women
              1st Vera Kingbird
              2nd Sylvestine Shields
              3rd Mabel Cozad
              4th Louise Scabbyrobe
              5th Madelynn Goodwill-Redbear

              Golden Age Men
              1st Walter Old Elk Sr
              2nd Patrick Spotted Wolf
              3rd Tommy Draper
              4th Boye Ladd
              5th Royce Kingbird

              Womens Southern
              1st Keri Jane Meyers
              2nd Tonya Moore
              3rd Delaine Snowball
              4th Danielle Downwind
              5th Sandy Tate-Nevaquoya

              Womens Northern
              1st Dawn Decora
              2nd Lacey Abrahamson
              3rd Verna Blackdeer
              4th Andrea Redman
              5th Allison LaPlante

              Womens Jingle
              1st Willow Jack
              2nd Alanna Tootoosis-Baker
              3rd Jennifer Youngbear
              4th Winona Kingbird
              5th Tahnee Williams

              Womens Fancy
              1st Tawny Hale
              2nd Nahmi Lasley
              3rd Shelly Eagleman-Bointy
              4th Urseloria Kanuho
              5th Lisa Ewalk-Noon

              Mens Southern
              1st Ronnie Goodeagle Sr
              2nd Wahkeen Hamilton
              3rd Denny Medicine Bear
              4th Dennis Alley Jr
              5th Kelly Switch

              Mens Northern
              1st Leon Old Elk Stewart
              2nd George Cricket Shields
              3rd Gabe Cleveland
              4th Terry Fiddler
              5th Wendall Powless

              Mens Grass
              1st Ivan Lonechild
              2nd Mike One Star Sr
              3rd Darnell Baker
              4th Buck Spotted Tail
              5th Wayne Crue

              Mens Fancy
              1st Spike Draper
              2nd Larry Yazzie
              3rd Tonch St. John
              4th Michael Roberts
              5th Daryl Jack

              Tug Of War: Smokey Town
              Hand Drum: Black Lodge


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                thanks for the list that you gave but i have seen that list already...dying to know the teens!!


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                  got this from that other site.........shhhhhh

                  teen girls fancy
                  1st-samantha bointy
                  2nd-leela abrahamson
                  4th-naomi cleveland

                  Teen Girls Fancy Shawl Special $200 + Starquilt
                  Taylor Spoonhunter

                  teen girls jingle
                  1st-merri ellen brugier
                  2nd-challis baldwin
                  3rd-tess knight
                  4th-shay primeaux (I think)

                  teen boys grass
                  1st-chante knight
                  2nd-junior dubray
                  joseph baldwin got in there somewhere

                  john richards got 3rd in teen boys tradish........thats all i heard and know


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                    Wow, thats' some tuff competition. Ivan "Mask" Lonechild took it OMG that's historic, Mike and Darnell probably gave'em hell though. Glad to see Darnell's making ranks and continuing on that wicked Hidatsa/Mandan style. So did Wesley Windyboy not place, I see his wife got 4th, hmm?

                    Show'dahd'Zee Walter and Leon took 1st!! Again, these men got mad skills, way to go guys - keep their heads ringin'!!
                    Gabe and Terry are still smokin' too.

                    Spike and Mike are rockin', Larry though ? Home cookin? aye yah.

                    Geez Women's Jingle was cutthroat competition man, *whew* Congrats to Alana, Jennifer and Tahnee, y'all deserve rewards for the effort and style y'all throwin down.

                    I miss touring all summer, sucks working, can't wait to hit the lottery and celebrate pow-wow highway. Y'all drive safe now and keep the tradition alive and well, Ahooo Yeahhhh!! shp.
                    Dance harder.


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                      Teen Girls Trad
                      1 Megan Isnana
                      2 Decora Hawk
                      3 Krystle Logan
                      4 Verlina Black Kettle

                      Teen Girls Jingle
                      1 Merri Allyn Bruguier
                      2 Challis Baldwin
                      3 Tess Knight
                      4 Brittany Yarholar

                      Teen Girls Fancy
                      1 Samantha Bointy
                      2 Leela Abrahamson
                      3 Tata Roberts
                      4 Nyomi Cleveland

                      Teen Boys Trad
                      1 Albert Hindsley
                      2 Kiowa Charlie Cozad
                      3 John Richards
                      4 Junior Miller

                      Teen Boys Grass
                      1 Cante Knight
                      2 Steve Dubray
                      3 Derek Howell
                      4 Joseph Baldwin

                      Teen Boys Fancy
                      1 Rick Cleveland Jr
                      2 Graham Primeaux
                      3 Cory Leclaire
                      4 Canku One Star


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                        hey was buffalo horse there?


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