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  • Salamanca Winners

    Who's got the Info on the winners. We need DRUMS AND DANCERS. Pow Wow has to be close to over now!

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    Drum and smokedance winners

    Northern Singing Contest......
    1st: Eagle Flight.....,2nd , 3rd, 4th, 5th????
    Southern Singing Contest......
    1st: Southern Avenue.......2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th????

    Mens SmokeDance
    1st: Lyle "Crazy Legz" Anderson
    2nd: Jordan Smith
    3rd: Cameron Hill
    4th: Lance Issacs
    5th: Kory Dowdy

    Women's SmokeDance
    1st: Keona Dowdy
    2nd: Kari Pierce
    3rd: Sara Tall Chief
    4th: Evelyn George
    5th: Reese Bomberry

    Teen Men Smoke Dance
    1st: Alan Dowdy
    2nd: Solon Spruce
    3rd: Jack Harris
    4th: Johnson Jimerson
    5th: Owen Thomas

    ........really good powwow
    - the rain
    .............this powwow should think about getting a BIG TENT for next year. but it just wouldn't be salamanca powwow without the rain........
    -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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      congrats to the smoke dancers!
      It is never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot


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        Other dance categories?

        Anybody know who won the "regular" dance categories?


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          Way to go Southern Ave. All the way from southern Ontario..?


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            Drum Winners

            What about the rest of the drums that placed?


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              Originally posted by FireBoy
              What about the rest of the drums that placed?
              Drum Contest Results (I believe this is correct)


              1. Southern Avenue
              2. Otter Trail
              3. Black Bear
              4. White Hawk


              1. Eagle Flight - they were jamming ALL weekend
              2. Young Guns
              3. Stoney Creek
              4. Awohali

              Consolation: Old Bridge, Iron Necklace
              "They go out, kick butt, shake your hand and walk off the court." -- Sportswriter and longtime UNC supporter, Art Chansky, on Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils

              "I could give a sh*t about North Carolina right now." Roy Williams, April 7, 2003


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                Way to go SC.... good job guys... we missed ya in Howard Co.

                Congrats to all the winners

                Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.


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                  partial list

                  I heard this much:

                  Men's Golden Age
                  1. Bill Constant

                  Women's Golden Age had a dance off between Debbie Klein and Sharon Roberts. Don't know what the places were though!

                  Women's Northern Traditional
                  1. Bernadette Shawanda
                  3. Debbie Plain
                  5. Tara Trudeau

                  Women's Contemp Jingle
                  1. Jackie Klein

                  Women's Old Style Jingle
                  1. Rowena Roberts
                  2. karen Pheasant
                  3. Lisa Lavallee

                  Men's Old Style Grass
                  1. Dale Roberts
                  2. David Trudeau
                  3. Ray Trudeau

                  this was from a telephone conversation that I had earlier... that's all I can remember. I'm sure somebody can fill in the blanks!
                  It is never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot


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                    Did they have a singing contest Friday night?

                    If soo..... Can someone list who won????

                    Please and Thank you,

                    Congrats to all the winners.
                    though no one can go back & make a brand new start, anyone can start from now & make a brand new end!


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                      Only first round of hand drum competition on Friday.

                      "Crazy Legz" that's funny.

                      Smoke_Dancer_20, heard your singing @ 6Na....that's ace
                      onodowa'ga:' gal


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                        The Handdrum comp from Friday (and Sunday) was won by Otter Trail. Can't remember the other places....

                        Straight Dance:
                        1) Mico...? (New Mexico)
                        2) Josh Smith (Texas)
                        3) (OK)
                        4) Cade ?? (OK)
                        5) ??

                        The straight dancers also took third in team dance, with the grass dancers and fancy dancers taking second and first, respectively.
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                          full list of winners???

                          Whats up with not posting the winners?? All the hype before, now nothing?? Come on share the info.
                          Hey does anyone know what happened to that dancer who was taken away in an ambulance??? Is he ok???
                          love me tender, love me true


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                            where is this pw at?

                            sorry never heard of this pw before where is it at?? congratz to all the winners!!


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                              ohiyo' pow wow

                              not a bad powwow for a whole new committiee, despite the rain. but we just gotta have rain. attracted all sorts of dancers once again it is getting bigger.
                              mens traditional: tough comp had 5 songs sunday
                              1st- adrain klien
                              2nd- conrad medicine rope
                              3rd-will tushka
                              4th-charles belisle?!?
                              5th- maungun shawanda?!?!
                              also like how they split the categories once again
                              head staff did an excellent job and made the right decisions.. hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did...


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