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    wheres the lissst of all the winners?

    congratzz to Ronnie Preston

    Northern Singing Contest......
    1st: Eagle Flight ~!~*!*~congrAtzzz :)

    and a big congratz to all the smoke dance winners!!! ~!~!~yAy~!~!~



    ..Estayapi..Mandaree..BLACKSTONE ..HIGHNOON..


    LynxClan..N0rtheRnCree..Tatae`Topaw..MeskwakiNatio n..

    Eva-Hey Nakota
    NorthernWInd ojibwe plainz
    RIP lil brother


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      So sorry.. had to take a vacation... here's your list:

      Women's Southern Traditional
      1st Mona Foye-Commanche/Pawnee
      2nd Joy Tone-Pah-Hote-Kiowa
      3rd Randi Lynn Attocknie-Santos-Commanche
      4th Melanie Tone-Pah-Hote-Oneida
      5th Twyla Blanchard-Shawnee
      Women's Old Style Jingle
      1st Rowena Roberts-Nakoda
      2nd Karen Pheasant-Aniishnaabe
      3rd Lisa Lavalle-Ojibway
      4th Dianne Desrosiers-Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota
      5th Melissa Stanley-Dine
      Women's Northern Traditional
      1st Bernadette Shawanda-Ojibwa/Odawa
      2nd Vanny Wheelock-Oneida
      3rd Debbie Plain-Ojibway
      4th Stephanie Maney-Cherokee
      5th Tara Trudeau-Ojibway
      Women's Fancy
      1st Valerie Parker-Tonawanda Seneca
      2nd Heather Schuyler-Oneida/Odawa
      3rd Michelle Lonechild-Blackfoot
      4th Becky Whiteye-Ojibway/Pawnee/Arapaho
      5th Amanda Ironstar-BigMountain-Cree
      Women's Contemporary Jingle
      1st Jackie Klein-Oneida/Ojibway
      2nd Marie Summers-Oneida
      3rd Jennifer Jones-Ojibway
      4th Jasmine Phillips-Oneida
      5th A-Shay Ironstar BigMountain-Cree
      Men's Southern Traditional
      1st Micco Lowe-Creek/Hopi
      2nd Josh Attocknie-Smith-Comanche
      3rd Shawn Foye-Pawnee/Comanche
      4th Paige Burgess-Comanche
      5th Freddy Poutin-Ojibwa/Oneida
      Men's Southern Fancy
      1st Nigel Schuyler-Oneida/Odawa
      2nd Shawn Yazzie-Navajo
      3rd Jason Whitehouse-Shoshone/AIUTC
      4th Courtney Yarolar-Sac&Fox
      5th Adrian Harjo-Kickapo/Seminole
      Men's Old Style Grass
      1st Dale Roberts-Choctaw/Chickasaw
      2nd David Trudeau-Ojibway
      3rd Ray Trudeau-Anishaabe
      4th Russ Blackbird-Ojibway/Oneida
      5th Dale Matasawagen-Ojibway
      Men's Northern Traditional
      1st Adrian Klein-Ojibway/Oneida
      2nd Conrad Medicine Rope-Nakota
      3rd Will Tushka-E.Cherokee/Choctaw
      4th Charles Belisle-Oneida
      5th Maheegun Shawanda-Odawa/Cree
      Men's Northern Fancy
      1st Darryl Hill-Oneida/Menominee
      2nd Wesley Cleland-Ojibway
      3rd Graham Trudeau-Ojibway
      4th Joey Summers-Oneida/Blood
      5th Walker Stonefish-Delaware/Potawatami
      Men's Contemporary Grass
      1st Matthew Pheasant-Ojibway
      2nd Micah Swimmer-Cherokee
      3rd Ronnie Preston-San Carlos Apache
      4th Keith Sharphead-Cree
      5th Niso Shawanda-Odawa/Cree
      Golden Age Women
      1st Sharon Roberts-Chickasaw
      2nd Debbie Klein-Oneida
      3rd JoAnn Whitehouse-Shoshone/Paiute
      4th Linda Eshawkogan-Odawa
      Golden Age Men
      1st Bill Constant-Cree
      2nd Ivan Lonechild-Cree
      3rd Mike King-Oneida
      4th Donald Neeonie-Kiowa
      5th William Dimalanta-?
      "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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        and more...Teens

        Teen Boy's Fancy
        1st Sonny Starr-Arikara/Omaha/Odawa
        Teen Boy's Grass
        1st Jesse Osawamick-Ojibway
        2nd D.J. Whitehouse-Shoshone/Creek
        3rd Mesaen Wheelock-Oneida
        4th Frazer Phillips-Oneida
        5th Wade Doxtator-Mohawk
        Teen Boy's Traditional
        1st James Wrightman-Ojibway
        2nd Cody Belisle-Oneida
        3rd Jaime Begay-Navajo/Santo Domingo
        4th Laten Asapace-Cree
        5th Henry Foye-Pawnee/Comanche
        Teen Girl's Fancy
        1st Faith Decontie-Algonquin
        2nd Tiana Medicine Rope-Nakota
        3rd Emily Regis-Mohawk
        4th Cassandra Plain-Ojibway
        5th Anonniaa Jacobs Rice-Mohawk
        Teen Girl's Jingle
        1st Shayz Primeaux-Dine/Dakota
        2nd Juanita Plain-Ojibway
        3rd Cheyenne Petoskey-Odawa/Chippewa
        4th Victoria O'Keefe-Cherokee/Seminole
        5th Sugar Thomas-Onondaga
        Teen Girl's Traditional
        1st Verlina Black Kettle-Blackfoot
        2nd Sabrina Shawanda-Odawa/Cree
        3rd Kimberly Ratt-Algonquin
        4th Doris Dowdy-Tuscarora
        5th Robyn Tone-Pah-Hote-Kiowa/Maya
        "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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          and finally....

          Golden Age Men's Smoke Dance
          1st Alan George-Cayuga
          2nd Pete Jemison-Seneca
          3rd Luis Lee-Seneca
          4th Gerald Shenandoah-Oneida
          Golden Age Women's Smoke Dance
          1st Olive Buck-Cayuga/Mohawk
          2nd Maureen Redeye-Seneca
          3rd Linda Nockideneh-Oneida
          4th Becki Bowen-Seneca
          5th Esther Lowensburg-Onondaga
          Men's Smoke Dance
          1st Lyle Anderson-Mohawk
          2nd Jordan Smith-Mohawk
          3rd Cameron Hill-Cayuga
          4th Lance Isaacs-Onondaga
          5th Kory Dowdy-Seneca
          Women's Smoke Dance
          1st Keona Dowdy-Tuscarora
          2nd Keri Pierce
          3rd Sara Tallchief-Seneca
          4th Evelyn George-Shongo-Seneca
          5th Reese Bomberry-Mohawk
          Teen's Boy's Smoke Dance
          1st Alan Dowdy-Tuscarora
          2nd Solon Spruce-Tonawanda Seneca
          3rd Jack Harris-Mohawk
          4th Johnson Jimerson-Seneca
          5th Owen Thomas-Seneca
          Teen Girl's Smoke Dance
          1st Monica Papineau-Onondaga
          2nd Janielle Papineau-Onondaga
          3rd Ellie Pierce-Seneca
          4th Robynn George-Seenca
          5th Brooke Vandewaker-Onondaga
          "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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            Originally posted by Kayedos
            Well first off I'd like to say a big thanks to all those who came out and helped us kick off a "new beginning" shall we say, for our pow wow. As I had mentioned in earlier threads, our Nation had taken this back over and was basically starting from stratch with only 6 weeks til pow wow time. All of us were committed to making this pow wow what it once was-good. We thought by adding new categories it would attract more people, and add for some good singing, dancing & spectating. Well I thought we totally achieved that this year. It was a great time-despite on and off showers. I've been reading this thread and have had a lot of thoughts going through my head-both negative and positive, but for the most part I just hope everyone understands or reminds themselves that no pow wow is perfect. Everyone always has doubts in their minds at every gathering about how things went, but in the end it is what it is. To the Southern people who didn't agree with some of the things, I'm sure when the Northern people go down south they think the same thing of your ways. For the Northern dancers who danced in Southern categories, well believe it or not there are Southern dancers up here. Sure they were not raised down south and may not fully understand the customs and traditions of things, but they want to learn and try, otherwise why else would they be dancing that style. Or some may just be good dancers who were showing their versatility by dancing, and for some- placing, in a different category. I myself being Iroquois where the Smoke dance originated, do not mind when I see other dancers from different areas dancing Smoke Dance. I feel honored that they are trying. And one southern fella actually even dances better and places better than some of our Smoke Dancers back home. But I don't complain. If there was a serious issue I'd go up to him/her personally and tell them what I think needs to be changed. I hope some of you will approach manners in a similar way also.
            Just to reiterate on Kayedos...we truly appreciate the tremendous support and feedback that we have received from everyone attending our 1st Annual Seneca Allegany Veteran's Pow Wow. As Kayedos stated, we pulled it off on rather short notice and are satisfied that we did well. We are looking forward to next year already and hope to be bringing in some more 'fun' things (we had some spontaneous cash contests that went over real well!). As far as the 'Northern' boys singing Southern...I seem to recall that there were actually a few guys singing on that particular drum that were from 'down south' (without their long pants on-even)!!!
            "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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              LOL aha BG--> you're slackin'. I don't know the kidz, but I do remember the team dance. Helluva awesome teams in there.
              Team Dance
              1st-The Fancy DancersJay Whitehouse, Nigel Schuyler, Wes Cleland & ummmm someone? prob Darryl Hill *L*

              2nd-The Straight Dancers
              Paige Burgess and crew
              Awesome to see that done-they looked sharp

              3rd-The Tradish DancersLynn Smoke, Bernadette Shawanda, man I forgot who else!
              Good dance off for 2nd tho

              4th- Can't remember but I think they were jinglers

              5th-The Hoop Dancers
              Celina Cada, the 2 lil' Stonefish girls & their big sis!

              The Drum singers Smoke Dance: the funny dude from Stoney Creek! Gotta give him props for tryin' the past few wkds! LOL


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                ...already planning next year

                First of all, I would like to commend the committee for an awesome job on the fine job they did for this dance. Secondly I want to say that I sing with Otter Trail and we were all appreciative of the hospitality and all around good feeling we had up there. Sure we would've loved to placed first but thats not how it ended up. If i'm not mistaken, no one was judging when "those" songs were sung and thats all that counts in the contest world. When they were being judged, SA was right on. In no way am I speakin for our group or anyone elses, this is how I saw it(or heard it).


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                  I would like to commend the committee for including category splits and southern also. Not too many committees make the effort to accommodate the many nations of dancers, and singers. So, regardless of public opinion, from someone of the did a great job. Perhaps my family can make the trip next year. sounds like a lot of good dancers and singers attended. congrats to my sister, Ramona "Sis" Foye!!! Yea!!!!
                  I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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                    Way to go Stoney guys are amazing!!! Congrats to the other winners


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