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    Originally posted by thizgirlpowwows
    So Did Anyone Get Tired Of Seeing The Same Faces At All These Pws (PI, TAMA, WI DELLS) LOL


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      Originally posted by itsmebadoink
      It means meskwakie ? sp nation (crew) MNC!
      Mr Oakley was here

      see my powwow videos here...


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        Ok so all pow-wows arent fair, in fact i know they arent. The results of the whole competition lie on the shoulders of those that judge each competition. most times the judges are localaylies who only attend their tribes annual pow-wow (trust me this i have seen) So if we're lucky, the judging is fair, but lets face it " who you know or who you ****" Besides the competition at the dells pow-wow there were also some good 49s so i cant complain totally. i give props to all who danced Prairie Island or Niagra, Tema then Ho-chunk We need to keep our culture strong, its one of the few things we have left that seperates us from all others!Go Natives!!!!


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          Well, I have never been to that pow wow and did not know alot of the judges either(they were local ladies, I guess) and I still placed. So they gave a visitor a chance. I only wish they had cloth and buckskin separate because there were alot of us southern and it is really hard to dance against buckskin dancers.(same goes for down south when they combine jingle/fancy or traditional/grass).LOL
          It was kind of funny that we all saw each other for 9 straight pow wow days. LOL That was hard dancing.....everyone was pumped up for P.I., then still kind of energetic for Tama and by HoChunk we were all kind of worn out. Especially all the party people. LOL They were looking kind of haggard by Saturday night. LOL Just kidding.
          My family and I came home after HoChunk, took us 3 days to make a 15 hour trip back to Oklahoma, we were so tired. Major regalia repair and cleaning especially with 4 girls and myself dancing for 9 straight days. My husband sang with Battle River at Tama and Ho Chunk and he had no voice this week. So we stayed home for NAC this weekend here in Apache.
          HoChunk has a nice arena and nice people, we will most likely go back next year. Awesome tourist town and golfing too.LOL
          I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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