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Southern CA Indian Center/Pomona Results

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  • Southern CA Indian Center/Pomona Results

    Here's some winners from the SCIC pow wow this past weekend in Pomona:
    Women's Golden age-
    4-Toni Allrunner Hawk
    3-Ann Begay ?
    2-Mary S ??
    1-Georgia Adson
    Men's Golden age
    4-Ronnie Ahboah
    3-Henry Allen
    2-Barry Hamilton
    1-Norman Largo
    Women's cloth-N & S combined
    4-Devin Lopez ?
    3-Lisa Hunt
    2-Michelle Allrunner
    1-Leya Hale
    Womens Buckskin-N &S
    4-Jacinta Tsosie
    3-Shayne Lonechief
    2-Sammye Dominguez
    1-Sandra Logan
    Womens Jingle
    4-Dina ross ?
    3-Pam James
    2-Memory Campos
    1-Tashina John
    womens fancy
    4-Heidi Navarro
    3- Naomi ??
    2-Patricia John
    1-Theresa Jim
    Men's Northern
    4-Pete Buffalohead
    3-Earnest Big Medicine
    2-Dallin Maybee
    1-Nathan Largo
    Mens Southern
    4-Shude Victors
    2-Kelly Yackitoonapah?
    1-Chris Dinehdeal
    Men's Grass
    4-Andrew Windy Boy
    3-Dean Webster
    1-Andrew Windy BoyJr.
    Men's fancy
    4-Tyson Draper
    3-Sheldon Johnson
    2-D. brown ?
    1-Rick Yazzie

    Drum contest: 3-Bear Springs, 2-Green River, 1-Ok outlaws
    Trick song: Theresa Jim. Straight Dance: Shude Victors, Team Dance: 4 men's fancy dancers-Rick, Victor, Rene & Alan

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    Sky Ute Casino Pow Wow - Ignacio, CO.
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    sorry didn't catch all the jr. girls categories. Anyway, here is what I caught. Also, my apologies if I misspelled names.

    Jr. Girls N/S Trad.
    3. Jalita Forest Davis (Sp?)
    2. Kyla Bear (sp?)
    1. Audry Broke Shoulder

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    Ft. Hall
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    Women's Tradish
    1. Joyce Hayes, Fort Hall
    2. Tisa Matheson, Spokane, WA
    3. Freddie Hunter, AZ
    4. Summer Silverhorn

    Women's Fancy
    1. Patty John
    2. Shamaray Yazzie
    3. Sally Ann Jack, Ft. Hall
    4. Terry ?

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    Who all went to this powwow ,and what did you think about it?
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    Winners List For Mt. Pleasant
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    Junior Boys (6-11)

    1) Tristan Lasley
    2) Nodin Shawanda
    3) Brandon Hinojosa
    4) Colin Peters

    1) Gabe Desrosiers Jr.
    2) Quinten Schwander
    3) Naakwaam Shawanda
    4) Nathan TaTe Lasley

    08-07-2006, 01:19 PM



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