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Shinnecock Pow-Wow, Southampton, NY

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  • Shinnecock Pow-Wow, Southampton, NY

    Does anyone have any information on this powwow? prize money?? drum $$.

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    Sorry, all that I know is that it is held on the Shinnecock reservation during labor day weekend; grand entry is noon and 19:00 daily


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      This is a cool powwow as well........I remember setting up on top of the arena...for those of you who have been there, you know what I others, check this place out it's cool........the arena is set on top of this mound like thing shaped like a drum and that's where they jam's different........sure wish I could make it back east again and meet some of the people I got to know there once again.....anyway, fiddy sends a heads up!!

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        The Pow-wow is Sept 2-5. Grandentry is at 7pm on Friday and Noon and 7pm on Sat and Sun. Mon. Noon only Grandentry. Friday is a Native Concert. Registration is $10.

        Will Get Prize Money Information For you ASAP!
        Sallie D


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          aw man i wish i could check this one out but ones coming up soon and going to this one too would be 'back-to-back' traveling .. i dont think so! lol ... someday! :D


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            Can someone email me with more info about this event... can't seem to find any online...

            [email protected]



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              I called the # listed, then they gave me another # to call and since then no one has called me back. I just want to know what the prize money is for dancers & drums. If anyone can help me out?


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                Here's the official info.. Sorry it took so long for me to get it.. Hope this helps everyone out..

                September 2, 3, 4, 5
                Rain or Shine
                Over 100 stands
                No Pets, No Alcoholic Beverages or Drugs Allowed
                Host Drum: Mystic River

                Contest over $50,000 to be awarded
                Dance Registration Opens: Friday 4:30 PM and Closes Saturday 6:30 PM
                Dancers: Free Under 6 and over 60 $5.00 for ages 6 to 60
                Drum: $25.00
                Must show proff of Tribal affiliation adn/or age upon request
                Point system begins Friday 7:00 PM Grand Entry
                Hospitality Supper for Participants - Saturday adn Sunday 5:00 PM
                Camping for Dancers, Singers, Vendors (hot water showers)

                Grand Entry: Friday: 7 PM
                Saturday 12 PM & 7 PM
                Sunday 12 PM & 7 PM
                Monday 12 PM

                Men's Golden Age:Traditional & Eastern War Dance 1000 600 400 200
                Women's Golden Age: Traditional & Eastern Blanket Dance 1000 600 400 200
                Men's (18 & up): Northern, Southern Traditional, Grass, Fancy, Eastern War Dance 1000 600 400 200
                Women's (18 & up): Northern, Southern Traditional, Jingle, Fancy Shawl, Eastern Blanket Dance 1000 600 400 200
                Jr. Men's (12 - 17): Traditional, Grass, Fancy 500 300 200 100
                Jr. Women's (12 - 17): Traditional, Jingle, Fancy Shawl 500 300 200 100
                Boys (6 - 11): Traditional, Grass, Fancy 100 75 50 25
                Girl's (6 - 11): Traditional, Jingle, Fancy Shawl 100 75 50 25
                Drum Contest 3500 3000 2500 2000

                Tom "Little Bear" Crippen Men;s Fancy Dance Memorial Contest - Trophy & Prize Money
                Charles K. Smith Memorial Men's Traditional Trophy Dance - Trophy & Prize Money

                For futher Info call: (631) 283-6143 / (631) 204-9301 / (631) 283-3990
                Shinnecock Indian Nation
                Shinnecock Indain Reservation
                Church Street; PO Box 5006
                Southampton, NY 11969
                Sallie D


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                  Thanks for the info!


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                    No problem
                    Sallie D


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                      Are you going to be strict with your point system ? Because after what happened at DC alot of people are PO . I just want to make sure so that there arew no questions when and if we go.


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                        Not sure how strict they will be with their point system.. Just passing on some info I got from them.. May want to call one of the contact numbers for that..
                        Sallie D


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                          are they having a "smoke dance special" this year again????
                          -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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                            are they having a "smoke dance special " at this years powwow?

                            ....cause i know they have in the past!!
                            -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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                              So is anyone going to Shinnecock this weekend??? Inquiring minds want to know. Does anyone know anything about the hotel situation up there. Some info will help a lot.

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