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  • Winners at Harbor Springs

    First and foremost I'd like to thank everyone who came out and supported the 14th Annual Odawa Homecoming Pow Wow!! I hope that all who attended enjoyed themselves!

    And now for the winners:

    6-12 Fancy Shawl
    4th - SpringSage Medicine
    3rd - Sharon Kay Callaway
    2nd - Waboose White
    1st - Sierra Cleveland

    6-12 Jingle
    4th - Dajia Shinos
    3rd - Nancy Elizabeth Bardy
    2nd - Casandra Cleveland
    1st - Sierra White

    6-12 Girls Traditional
    4th - Christine Peavey
    3rd - Makayla Webkamigad
    2nd - Cassidi Webkamigad
    1st - Renee Cleveland

    6-12 boys fancy
    4th - Paskwawmostosis Lightening
    3rd - Giizhik Brissette
    2nd - Miisheen Meegwun Shawanda
    1st - Tony Klein

    6-12 Grass
    4th - Miles Sutherland
    3rd - Dakota Peavey
    2nd - Asini Lightening
    1st - Mason Kingbird

    6-12 Boys Traditional
    4th - Kihiw Lightning
    3rd - Noodin Shawanda
    2nd - Lee Cleveland
    1st - Evan Kingbird

    13-17 Girls Fancy
    4th - Cassandra Gibson
    3rd - Alicia Shomin
    2nd - Monique Cleveland
    1st - LaDonna King

    13-17 Jingle
    4th - Victoria Alfonseca
    3rd - Keanna King
    2nd - Jade Flores
    1st - Lesley Smoke

    13-17 Girls Traditional
    4th - Jaquoya Wix
    3rd - Brianna Winham
    2nd - Neset Vega
    1st - Sabrina Shawanda

    13-17 Boys Fancy
    1st - Dontay Cleveland
    **there was only one dancer in this category

    13-17 Grass
    4th - Anthony Bear
    3rd - Wade Doxtator
    2nd - Mesaen Wheelock
    1st - Jesse Oldman

    13-17 Boys Traditional
    4th - Z.B. Bardy
    3rd - Michael Begay
    2nd - Jaime Begay
    1st - James Wrightman

    50+ Womens Golden Age
    4th - Genevieve Bear
    3rd - Debbie Klein
    2nd - Linda Nockideneh
    1st - Iris Cleveland

    50+ Mens Golden Age
    4th - Mike King
    3rd - Joe Plain
    2nd - Royce Kingbird
    1st - Gerald Cleveland Sr

    18-49 Womens Fancy
    4th - Tracey Recollet
    3rd - Teresa Magnuson
    2nd - Crystal Cleveland
    1st - Heather Schuyler

    18-49 Womens Jingle
    4th - Paula Hedgepeth
    3rd - Shannon George
    2nd - Maia Montoya
    1st - Maria Summers

    18-49 Womens Traditional
    4th - Debbie Plain
    3rd - Bernadette Shawanda
    2nd - Challis Isaac
    1st - Vanny Wheelock

    18-49 Mens Fancy
    4th - Mick Escamena
    3rd - Courtney Yarholar
    2nd - Nigel Schuyler
    1st - Darrel Hill

    18-49 Mens Grass
    4th - Dan Isaac
    3rd - Cliff Wilson
    2nd - Matt Isaac
    1st - Ronnie Preston

    18-49 Mens Traditional
    4th - Wayne Cleveland
    3rd - Will Hedgepeth
    2nd - Ahu Williams
    1st - Maheengun Shawanda

    Drum Contest Winners
    4th - Five Clan Singers
    3rd - Eagle Flight
    2nd - Southern Wind
    1st - Kingbird Singers

    I appologize for any names that may be spelled incorrectly, I'm typing from the list that the MC read the names off of.
    It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but an entire life to forget them

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    Congratulations to Joe and Debbie Plain!

    Congrats to all the other winners too.
    He's the type of rez I like
    ~A. Waquie Nov. 2003~


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      Congrats to Lesley Smoke & Dan Issac

      Also congrats to all the winners.


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        Correcting an Error

        For teen girls traditional in forth Place was my good friend Briana Ninham not Brianna Winham you just spelled her name wrong. But any way "Way to go Breezy!!!! " (her nick name ) All the way from Keshena Wisconsin.


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          when was this powwow?


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            Originally posted by itsmebadoink
            when was this powwow?

            Well I beieve it was August 13th and 14th wish I could of gone but oh well, heard it was a nice powwow too!
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              Okay people, here they are! I apologize now for any mis-spelled names.

              Womens Golden Age
              1st - Oralann Caldwell
              2nd - Sharon Roberts
              3rd - Joanne Whitehouse
              4th - Gloria Mandamin
              5th - Monica Benson
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              I sometimes couldn't hear what the MC was saying over the mic as he read the names....i 4got some but they should have the correct spelling of names on our web site... are the winners!

              Junior Boys

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              2nd Evan...
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              3rd - Jovena Scabby Robe
              4th - Paan Pai Roberts

              Jr. Girls Jingle
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