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  • Nmai Powwow Recap

    I would like to publically acknowledge Terry Snowball and Jackie Swift-McCabe for their tireless and often thankless efforts, in their CoChairpersonship of this year's National Powwow! I don't know how many of the readership have ever been involved in the planning and implimentation of an event of this magnitude, but THESE TWO INDIVIDUALS WERE OUTSTANDING! *Takes roach off and bows.

    There were many aspects of this past weekend that need to be shared and explained.

    Several education components were added to enhance the experience of each visitor. These components satisfied this education enhancement requirements of the NMAI.

    1. Thursday Panel Discussion (NMAI Rasmusson Auditorium): Wallace Coffey, Dale Old Horn, Jason Good Striker and Madonna Thunder Hawk talked about tribal ceremonies on the southern, northern and Canadian plains and how these ceremonies contributed to what we now know as the "Modern Intertribal Powwow." A very important question was then addressed: "What do you think about Powwow traditions being overshadowed by contemporary innovations?" A question and answer period took place at the end of the panel discussion.

    2. NMAI Activities: Cultural Presentations, Demonstrations and Dancing took place inside the NMAI in conjuction with the weekends activities. A constant shuttle went back and forth from the MCI Center to the NMAI. (KiowaKAT was one of the demonstrators of moccasin making and brain tanning!)

    3. Hemispheric Participation: The NMAI represents all Natives from the Western Hemisphere. In the powwow grand entry, there were distinct partipants from Alaska to Bolivia! The Bolivians performed their music and dance as part of this hemispheric participation.

    4. Veteran's Participation: "Warrior societies ARE the origin of modern powwow dancing." During each dance session, a different branch of the service was highlighted by an introduction and special branch song. Wounded veterans from area military hospitals were brought in specifically to participate in the opening grand entry. A Iraqi Freedom veteran who had lost his legs in defense of our country was highlighted on Saturday night as a way to say, "Welcome home soldier. We appreciate your sacrifice for our lands, freedom and ways of life."

    5. Historic Interpretation: The concept of this year's theme is "Origins and Evolutions of the Powwow." Historical photographs interchanged nonstop on the MCI monitor screen. Dancers were identified to precede each adult contest to contrast the origins of powwow dancing (Also headsmen from the Kiowa Gourd Clan/gourd dance and Crow tribal members in their interpetation of the crow hop and double beat). These dances were interpreted by an emcee or cultural historian.

    Anna Old Elk facilitated a presentation of Indian Hip Hop, to contrast the evolution of powwow dancing moving forward. The three announcers explained the oral history of traditional announcers (camp criers) and brought in the grand entries in their tribal language the way they did before emcees had microphones. A powwow clown called "Wannabe Princess" took part in all aspects of the powwow like they did long ago in many southern dances and northern wacipis.

    6. Contests: As part of powwow evolution, $100 thousand dollars was given to contest winners in addition to beautiful 2005 National Powwow Commemorative Medals given to first, second and third place winners in 24 dance categories (Gold, Silver and Bronze)! All 14 drums were given an additional $500 "day money" to cover parking and food as a part of the advertised drum split!

    7. DVD: Russell Tall Chief is working on a commemorative DVD compilation of all the historic events of the 2005 NMAI National Powwow. 24 key indivividuals participated in interviews on specific components of powwow origin and evolution.

    8. National/International Coverage: A live web and radio were broadcast during all three days of the powwow. Media from around the world covered the event including: National Geographic Magazine, USA Today, The Washington Post and Stars and Stripes. Hundreds of visitors from overseas were in attendance. Many planned their holidays around the 3-day event! Paul G. did a wonderful job and service by covering this event for and powwow followers Worldwide!!!


    Da' 49: There were three 49's that took place in 3 separate locations in the D.C. area during this year's powwow. I remained loyal to my homies, Bushy Braids and Buckskin PantyHose by supporting the "off da' wall 49" at the Tom Tom Club! For those of you who were not in attendance, three groups took turns singing at their 49 after a night of dancing: Midnight Express, Southern 49 Singers and Stoney Creek! *Props to all the 49 singers who shared their talents!


    Public Apologies to those who were not allowed into the dance arena. Due to fire hazards, emergency codes and MCI restrictions we needed to keep the dance area limited to people who were registered to sing and dance (those who wore red wrist bands.) We had many elders and veterans on the dance floor area and needed to keep the aisles clear.

    On Friday, it was brought to our attention the the mass number of media and cameras was not being respectable to the participants. THIS WAS RECTIFIED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY and security was tightened.


    Condolences from our powwow family. The NMAI powwow committee sends it's condolences to the Jack family. Willow is also a part of our family.

    During the the National powwow, over $2200 was raised to send to the Jack family.


    A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to all the POWWOWS.COM membership who were in attendance. I tried to make sure was recognized. Your participation added alot to this years 2005 Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian's NATIONAL POWWOW!!!

    (please post if you were there)
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    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    the biggest AHO! ever to "whome" for all the help you have given me :). It was nice and goodtimes to get together with ndnkidz!!aho, singingotter, mr and mrs lss, to name but a few of the people we ran into. We had such a great time up in D.C. going between NMAI and the National Powwow, it's going to take a week or more just to recover lol. Even considered changing my name to leggsbehurtin lmao. And a big Aho to all my fellow Kiowa's i ran into during it all. This was our first National powwow weve made and hoping to make as many as we can from here on out. The wide assortment of dancers & drums from all over the nations was a beautiful site to watch and listen too. I'm actually at a loss for words over the experience, from the amount of dancers and drums to the amount of interested spectators I was able to talk with during my demonstration at the museum, deffinately an event to take your breath away :) Should have most of my photos from d.c. on my site by tuesday (working on it as I type), so i hope anyone interested will take the time to check em out.
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      Condolences from our powwow family. The NMAI powwow committee sends it's condolences to the Jack family. Willow is also a part of our family.

      During the the National powwow, over $2200 was raised to send to the Jack family.

      The Pow Wow committee really deserves a huge hand. Great Pow Wow: Jackie Swift-McCabe and Terry Snowball.


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        We really had a great time visiting with everyone, great dancing, goot singing, and a all around fun time ... kiowakat.. hugz to ya.. congrats on the crowds i saw at your demonstrations at the museum...tons of folks i didnt get to talk to..but hey i was there and we had a blastttttttttttttttt.. :D
        "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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          I was there. Was a really good powwow. Emcees were funny as all hell (not all the time... but when they cracked good uns everybody was laughing). It was good meeting the OE girls (pretty ladies with great personalities), ndnkidz (crazy! hahahaha), Emmy (n frienz hahaha), kiowakat (pretty and funny to boot!)n hubby (really nice guy), and erbody else. I really appreciated the exhibitions. It did my heart good to see the older lady kick azz during jingle! I'm tellin ya she was groovin. Seeing her dance made the trip worth it. Lotsa good dancers, good drums, and gorgeous beadwork.
          SHAKE IT!!!!


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            ~NMAI Pow Wow Recap~

            Originally posted by ZIGGY STYLE
            Condolences from our powwow family. The NMAI powwow committee sends it's condolences to the Jack family. Willow is also a part of our family.

            During the the National powwow, over $2200 was raised to send to the Jack family.

            The Pow Wow committee really deserves a huge hand. Great Pow Wow: Jackie Swift-McCabe and Terry Snowball.

            **"Father eagle will always guide and protect."**


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              Ok ..we Made It Home!!

              The Pow-wow was awesome! My wife and son's had a good time too. To top it off my youngest son sang with Little Otter and they took first!! WOO-HOOO! The Lead Singer for the this group and I go way back. Ennit bro?? I just wanted to say Chi-Mii-Gwitch!! for taking care of my son on his path to becoming a full fledged singer in the near future.
              WhoMe did a good job and the pow-wow and setting up the '9'. We made it to the "Electric 49" at the Tom-Tom for Saturday. Ho-wah! I thought the floor was going to give in when the 49'n started and it was hot and heck in there. We took a new freind we met from Belgium to it with us. He had fun and said he'll never forget it.
              The Origins part of the pow-wow was a nice and unique touch to this pow-wow. Word is that they are looking at 2007 for the next one.
              I also wanted to give a lot of recognition to Terry Snowball and Jackie Swift-McCabe and of course all the other volunteers. Very nicely ran pow-wow.
              Wallace, Dale, and Jason were funny and kept the pow-wow hopping.
              So much to share but not enough time.
              ....OK...back to work now.........
              ohhhh ennniiit??


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