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Mohegan Wigwam Festival question

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  • Mohegan Wigwam Festival question

    I'm looking for a PowWow to attend this weekend in the northeast and found the Mohegan Wigwam Festival listed. Sorry to ask a dumb question here, but is it just a contest PowWow or is there any intertribal dancing for non-competitors? I'll be glad to go and just watch, but want to know whether to bring my shawl or not . . . Thanks!

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    Mohegan powwow dance ? answer


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      I wouldnt see why you wouldnt be able to....But the powwows over dance away....
      blah blah blah....


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        Went to Mohegan's powwow yesterday. 6 drums were there and about 100-150 dancers. Watched first round of contesting. Bussing from the casino was nice, they ran about every 10 minutes or so. Powwow was held in a park so I was glad I did bus over since regular parking was pretty tight. The drums I seen were: Mystic River, Silvercloud, Young Bird, Alamoosic Lake, Young Guns and Rez Dogs. Vendors were out in full force, Picked up new Northern Cree, Black Lodge and GON 2005 cd's. Beats waiting for them after ordering online. Also, a guy was selling powwow dvd's. A lot of powwows from the west to chose from ( Bismarck, U-Dub, Julyamsh, Wildhorse, Kyi-yo to name a few). Not bad quality.
        I bought chicken dance special from Standing Arrow in MT. About two hours long(30 + dances). Guys' name was J. Greeley, said he was going to Schemitzun this weekend, he was in DC last weekend, so he's getting around. Only $10 , wish I picked up a few more. Overall, it was a nice little powwow, not too wild and fairly organized in contesting ( at least yesterday). Even had some powwow dust that made me homesick for Montana.


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          Thanks for all the responses. I did go, though I didn't dance (not being Native and having naught but my shawl by way of regalia) . . . I also thought that it was a very fine gathering. The buses frustrated me a bit, especially with Grand Entry last night being at 7pm and the last bus back to the garage leaving the festival at 8pm - no chance to watch evening contests! <sigh>

          There sure WAS a lot of dust in there . . . LOL


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