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2005 Western Navajo Fair Powwow - October 15-16

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  • 2005 Western Navajo Fair Powwow - October 15-16

    Details pending ... but the dates are October 15 and 16, 2005.

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    Where is this powwow?


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      Isn't this one held in Tuba City?
      "~~<~~~Miss Nikita~~~>~~" is where i be lol


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        in the dirt!


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          Last year...

          ...there was dust all over everything. Water trucks came late Sunday when the fair was over. The arena was also small and rocky and dusty. I miss it when it was held in the HS gym across the way from the fairgrounds. Will I make the dustbowl this year? You better beleive it. #1 dustdevil on the NABAJO REZVASHEN! Oh and Exhibition were on all night Friday. Contest was Sat & Sun. Although I didn't place there last year I did make some awsome friends from Okla.
          "I Ahula Ula"
          Enjoying the ride.


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            We'll find out the situation with the head staff when the flyers are out this week!

            But, who would dare to MC in Dennis Bowen's stomping grounds?


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              im not sure about tuba anymore. they advertised Bear Creek one time and so i got a nice nice hotel in flag.....long story. but it was all a fake..!!! haha, i got jipped! oh well they benefited and i got shafted, hardy har har...

              and man they had a country concert there. mark chestnut tracy lawrence and tracy bird.... damm i went to this shindig and missed out on that...!!

              TT was there i seen him.. maybe it was before he was the infamous TT. *but he wasnt at fault*
              thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

              *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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                I remember that from a couple of years ago ... the deal was that Bear Creek was lost trying to find the fair grounds on Friday Night! That was a bunch of baloney!

                Well, if I have good sources, there is a good chance that Star Blanket, Jrs from Saskatchewan might be Northern Host.


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                  Originally posted by Ta'neeszahnii Techno
                  Details pending ... but the dates are October 15 and 16, 2005.
                  Opps, the powwow is actually October 14 and 15, rather than 15-16.


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                    Flyers passed out at NNF indicates a contest powwow on Friday and Saturday, however there is gourd dancing on Sunday all afternoon.

                    Yes, it will be windy and dusty!


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                      Not going. As soon as I hear dust, I cringe.
                      Fall down 7 times, get up 8. MY FAMOUS WORDS.


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                        This is during the AZ State Fair!

                        Grandstand Events are FREE with AZ State Fair admission!

                        Rodeo Events

                        Fri. Oct. 14 – All Indian Rodeo - 2:00pm & 7:00pm
                        Sat. Oct. 15 – All Indian Rodeo - 2:00pm & 6:30pm
                        Sun. Oct. 16 – High School Rodeo - 10:00am
                        Tues. Oct. 18 – Arizona Women's Pro Rodeo Association - 12 noon

                        New Event

                        Sat. Oct. 22 – Sun. Oct. 23
                        New Times Dodgeball Invitational - begins at 12:00pm

                        Motorized Events

                        Fri. Oct. 28 – Sun. Oct. 30
                        Demolition Derby - 7:00pm daily

                        Thurs. Nov. 3 – Sun. Nov. 6
                        Figure 8 Racing - 7:00pm daily


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                          Originally posted by Ta'neeszahnii Techno
                          Well, if I have good sources, there is a good chance that Star Blanket, Jrs from Saskatchewan might be Northern Host.
                          Flyers indicate StarBlanket from Canada at Northern Host ... this gig is two weeks away in the capital of dust bowls!


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                            So it's Friday and Saturday only, anyone going to post a flyer?And or post info for us? Does the flyer show any Mens Grass specials and/or singing contests? Why doesn't the AZ state Fair have a powwow and New Mexigo does eh? And hey why is it that most powwows in the southwest never eva or uhh rarely post the # of places and prize money on the flyers, anyone? Cali is growing all wicked (buffalo), aye, and well check out dem fort berthold powwow flyers @, hokaaah Heyyeeee.
                            Is Wesley still hangin in Tuba? hmm... ok well anyone please reply. thanks. Ahooo YeAH!
                            Dance harder.


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                              See the powwow calendar listing to view the poster for the powwow.


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