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More info - Sakicawasihk Pow wow - NB, Sask

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  • More info - Sakicawasihk Pow wow - NB, Sask

    Over $60,000 in Cash, Prizes, and give aways
    Grand Entries: Saturday 12:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m. - Sunday 12:00 p.m.

    MC’s: Eric Tootoosis, Poundmaker SK
    Jason Goodstriker, Blood Reserve ALTA

    “Honoring Our Veterans” – Men’s Traditional Special

    Womens Fancy Special - BTC Indian Health Sponsoring in recognition of Year of the First Nations and Metis Women

    Host Drum: North Buffalo, 2004 Champions
    Invited Host Drums: Sweetgrass, Sweetgrass, SK
    Blackfoot Confederacy, Browning Mont. USA

    Singing Judge: Allan Bonaise, Little Pine SK
    Arena Director: Gerald Baptiste, Red Pheasant SK

    Singing Contest:
    1st 3,000 2nd 2,000 3rd 1,500 4th 1,000 5th 500 (non-placing drums receive day money)

    Dance Competition:
    Golden Age - 1st 1000 2nd 750 3rd 500 4th 300 5th 200 6th 100
    Adults - 1st 1000 2nd 750 3rd 500 4th 300 5th 200 6th 100
    Teens - 1st 300 2nd 250 3rd 150 4th 100 5th 75 6th 50
    Juniors - 1st 150 2nd 125 3rd 100 4th 75 5th 50 6th 25

    New this year! Craft Fair – held at Agrivilla. Contact Melanie Steel to book.
    Concessions – Booking information. Contact Lionel Tootoosis for information. 306-446-3833
    Entertainment @ Gold Ridge Center - Friday and Saturday

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      Wonder what the dates are????

      Originally posted by Brisa26
      what's the exact date on this?

      What's this, no info on the dates!


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        lionel must be losing it mang....its september 10 and 11, 2005

        by the way Jayda Weaseltail has invited her uncles (her father is Louis Scabbyrobe's son - the late Thomas Weaseltail) to come sing for her teen girls jingle special - blacklodge!! it'll be good to hear them again!!
        Watch your broken dreams...
        Dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon


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          Everyone is invited!!!

          It was fun last year,....cept this year i don't have to tabulate. i'll be able to watch. see ya all there.
          it's been a long time, shouldn't have left u.


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