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My powwow fast is over!!!!!!!!!!Grand Prairie Powwow

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  • My powwow fast is over!!!!!!!!!!Grand Prairie Powwow

    Hey folks,
    As many of you know, I have been whinning for some time about being powwow starved since we moved to Dallas. But alas, the drought is over. Mini me and I went to the Grand Prairie powwow today and had a grand ole time. It was only my first Texas powwow, but I'd rate it at least an 8. It was good to be among Indins who were warm and welcoming as usual. Spectators there LOVE to take pictures, but since most asked first I was cool with it.

    Well, you've now read mindless and pointless thread #459.709. I may not have saved a ton of money switching to GEICO, but at least dancee hard tuhday!
    Poetry is life in print.

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    LOL, @ geico.

    Glad to hear you had fun! How was it dancing for the first time in so long?


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      It felt great dancing again. The last time I really danced was in May. I dressed for my nephew's special in 4th of July but didn't really dance because we had just buried my grandma. So it was good to get some songs in yesterday.
      Poetry is life in print.


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        doesn't anyone know the winners from this pw...i would really appreciate it if someone would post the winners!! thankz!!


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