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Cheap singing judges...FIXED!!!!

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  • Cheap singing judges...FIXED!!!!

    so what did u guys think of Bad Nation? where they good or were they jus good?? i dunno why they didnt place i think the whole thing was fixed.....

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    Originally posted by redwood_angel_04
    so what did u guys think of Bad Nation? where they good or were they jus good?? i dunno why they didnt place i think the whole thing was fixed.....
    Bad Nation,
    is a awsome drum,heard them here in No.Cali.can't beleive they didn't even place! Who did the judging???
    Well that happens in some of these powwows weather we like it or not,{fixed}
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      i was a singing judge at tribes and gave BAD NATION a perfect score of 25 on every thing. i really dont know what to tell you i only knew 1 other singing judge the rest ??? i would like encourage BAD NATION to continue to sing like there is no tomorrow because its in the heart. i used to sing but due to the drum group that i used to sing with turning to alcohol and hawking their drum staff and fighting other groups and making fun of people(*they cant really sing any more) i decided to end it my slef and have not pow wow sang for many years and it does get frustrating because you do put your heat and soul into it and then for something like this to happen. but i see a good spirit about the drum group and they are very respectfull group of young men (keep it that way) and try and over look things like this you will last a long time singing it is hard but in the long when your a little older like me you will have the best memories of the pow wows that you did your best and who knows you might still be able to sing, there alot of singers who are still very bitter about what could have been what should have been etc. and they cant sing anymore. i hope some of the drum group get this message and i also give thanks for BAD NATION SINGERS AHO.


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        yea all i can say is keep singin!! there's always next weekend or next year - as for singing judges - some of them can be quite "cheap azz" and give some drum groups low marks when everyone else gives them good marks. for whatever reason - be it jealousy, don't like one guy who's singin cuz back in eighth grade he "stole" his then girlfriend or they beat them last weekend or for whatever reason ...

        all it takes is one or two judges like that to give someone the shaft - if the highest mark you could get is 25 then you're behind fifty and some drum contests are really close all within 20 points of eachother ... just keep singing!!!
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