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  • Digital Voice Recorders????

    I wanted to know how many of you use the Digital Voice Recorders to record at pws?? I know the sound quality is probably much better than a regular tape recorder...but let me know your experience with it and does yours have the USB stuff?!

    All input & suggestions is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    Originally posted by BurBz
    I wanted to know how many of you use the Digital Voice Recorders to record at pws?? I know the sound quality is probably much better than a regular tape recorder...but let me know your experience with it and does yours have the USB stuff?!

    All input & suggestions is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
    I use a Mini Disc player with an external mic. The sound is very good.
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      i use.........

      i also use a mini-disc recorder and a external mic a nice little 400$ setup but the sound quality is unmatched, ive even heard of some drum groups using MD for live recordings and then transferring and re-mastering to regular cd's....that means i could become a bootlegger!!! whoo hoo yea right i wouldent want my stuff bootlegged, but yea the voice recorders kinda sound like robotic after a while i say go MINIDISC!!!!!!! and forget the rest unless you got reel to reel lol

      ok forgot to add DAT recordings are also good but who wants to shell out over 1000 for a dat recorder(digital audio tape)
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        I don't record, less my husband makes me.... LOl

        But he uses a minidisc with external mic. And the sound is goot! That's about all I know, except a couple of times he pushed the wrong button and erased all his songs for the day. LOL That's why I don't like to mess with his recorder.

        Why come, you want to be know?
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          yeah i was interested in getting a digital voice recorder for my son since he loves powwow music (only thing that he will sit still for) and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what kind to buy that is affordable


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            Great questions....

            I was just about to post this question, beause I spent more $$$ on a damn tape recorder since I lost my first & second one. My friend who was with me at the tiime I purchased the cassette recorder, wondered why I just didn't buy the digital voice recorder. He said I could transfer it to my computer and then burn it to a CD.

            But then it sounds like a minidisc is the way to go! Is there a particular brand that is better than another? And can you save this to your computer and burn to a CD. For instance, if you want to create your own CD with just certain songs, and make your own compilations. Can you do this with a minidisc recorder?


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              MD all the way.

              Been using for years now, I even still have my bulky li'l Sharp from '99. has a great list of MD recorders and mic attachments.
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                We had a digital recorder made by Phillips that didnt do too hot. The mic was extra sensitive and would try to filter out the drum, it didnt sound too good. Then i bought a mic for it, but it wouldnt let me use anything but the internal mic. I have some friends that have minidisc recorders and they work great.


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                  I used to use a Digital Voice Recorder from Olympus. It was fun to use for awhile. I mean I was able to download the songs onto my computer program that came with the recorder and make CDs from there. However, I didnt think the sound quality was that good. There was a lot of unwanted noises that I hated. So I retired that and got myself a new minidisc recorder from Sony...the sound is way better; much more clear. I swear I could make a lot of money selling bootleag copies of pow wows on CDS....what an idea.

                  My suggestion is to go with the minidisc recorder. The sound is way better. Digital Voice Recoders are more for like an interview where a mic would be placed on the clothing of speaker. Go Devils!!!!


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                    I've been using a mini-disc recorder for years myself. Only problem is I still have not figured out how to upload the music to my computer. Years ago I bought one of those sony mini-disc recorders with the usb, but only found that you could download music, not upload. Can anyone with a MD tell me how to upload it and burn a cd? I thought about getting a mp3 recorder, but are you guys saying don't waste my time?


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                      Burbz just mad cuz she finally figured out that her tape recorder was outdated.....*L* joking girl. I don't mess with my husband's digital recorder, he usually asks me to record, but other than that is my limit, hate messing with gadgets.
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                        I got a DVR, and the quality is pretty good, only because I got the MAGIX software to help me edit and reproduce my stuff......the CDs I come out with have really good sound, almost like canyon recorded it...LOL!!....but yeah, I haven't had too much experience with the MD but in my personal opinion I like the DVR, it's small and compact and I can get about 75 to 98 songs with it, usually the whole dang powwow without having too worry if I'm going to run out of room or killing my a matter of fact I'm shopping for a new one only cuz I dropped mine too many times......

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                          minidisc minidisc minidisc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          ok heres the info on the mini disc HD MODEL NUMBER -MZ-RH10 ****299$ ********I also use Electret Condenser Stereo MicrophoneECM-DS70P its small and the quality is great this runs about 75$ on on ebay for 30$

                          after your done recording all you do is(after you load the software to your pc) plug into your usb port and it transfers over and you can make mp3's wav files or just plain old fashion audio files compatible with almost every cd player

                          Perfect for a musician or a hardcore audiophile, the MZ-RH10 has a line-in jack and a mic input. You can use the line-in to archive tapes or other material you want to store, and the mic input is for your new recordings. Each Hi-MD disc can hold up to 1GB1 of data or the equivalent of 675 songs2. There's also something that just can't be ignored about the MZ-RH10: the Organic Electroluminescence Display. It's beautitful, and functional, with six lines to display title, track, artist information, and sound settings. The MZ-RH10 is high end Hi-MD.

                          • Includes one HM-D1G (1 GB1) Hi-MD disc
                          • 6 Line Large EL (Organic Electroluminescence) Display
                          Attractive LCD display makes it easy to see and navigate through title, track and artist information as well as sound setting screens. Bright LCD display allows easy viewing in all conditions.

                          • Ability to Record From Multiple Sources (Mic/Line-in)
                          Use line-in jack on the Hi-MD™ player to transfer and archive legacy formats such as tapes to low cost 1GB2 Hi-MD™ MiniDisc Media. The mic input is a perfect solution for self recordings, school concerts or meetings. Choose a maximum recording time of up to 45 hours1, or uncompressed/lossless quality depending on specific needs.

                          • Self Recording Upload Feature
                          Upon transferring a Hi-MD™ recording to SonicStage® Music Management System, you will have the option to save in .WAV format in a designated folder on your PC's hard drive. A file saved in .WAV format provides you with the flexibility to import the file into a music management application where you can manage the file, compress the .WAV file to another format, or burn the file to a CD-R/RW.

                          • Digital Amplifier
                          More efficient then traditional analog amplifiers by using less energy to produce the same signal. This also allows for a much smaller amplifier than traditional analog amplifiers.

                          • Up to 33 Hours1 Battery Life
                          With rechargeable battery and 1 "AA" battery when playing in ATRAC3Plus™ @ 64 kbps.

                          • Store 1GB3 or 675 Songs1and Data on Each Hi-MD Disc
                          Each 1GB4 Hi-MD™ MiniDisc will store up to 1GB5 of data and/or audio files.

                          • Compatible with Both Hi-MD™ and Standard MiniDisc™ Media
                          Hi-MD™ Walkman® recorders are backward compatible with the MiniDisc™ media available today. You can store 45 hours2 of music on a supplied Hi-MD™ MiniDisc™ media; 13 hours3 of music on standard MiniDisc™ media.

                          • Data File Storage
                          Store and Transfer Presentations, Documents, Spreadsheets and Photos.

                          • Music and Data Transfer Powered by USB
                          No need to worry about draining battery power when transferring music to the Hi-MD™ device. The USB will power the unit when transferring music.

                          • Playback Uncompressed Linear PCM Audio
                          Use the line in feature to record and then play back in uncompressed PCM format. This lossless format is perfect for self recordings, archiving existing legacy formats and recording special occasions.

                          • Plays Back MP3/ATRAC3®/ATRAC3plus™ Audio Formats
                          For customers who already have extensive music libraries, use the included software and hardware to store and play back their collection of MP3s. For the customer who is just getting into digital music and downloading, Sony's ATRAC® format provides higher sound quality with smaller sizes than many competing formats. This enables the user to store more music and have longer listening times.

                          • Up to 100X Transfer Speed1
                          Transfer your music directly from your PC to a Hi-MD™ Walkman recorder at up to 100X speed2.

                          • Supports WMA and WAV Audio formats6 with conversion to ATRAC3®
                          Plays back the most popular Internet audio formats, including WMA and WAV1 with conversion to ATRAC3®.

                          • Archive Data with Low Cost, 1GB6 Removable Hi-MD™ Media
                          At just a few dollars a disc, 1GB7 Hi-MD™ MiniDisc™ media is one of the most cost effective formats available.

                          • Skip-Free G-Protection™ Technology1
                          Hi-MD™ Walkman® recorders come equipped with Skip-Free G-Protection technology2 which provides virtually uninterrupted playback of your music.
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                            Originally posted by **jdazmum**
                            Burbz just mad cuz she finally figured out that her tape recorder was outdated.....*L* joking girl. I don't mess with my husband's digital recorder, he usually asks me to record, but other than that is my limit, hate messing with gadgets.
                            LOL!! i dont even have a tape recorder..i just steal my brothers!

                            ummmm but gawsh..the last post was very helpful..i'll read it when i get a chance.. i'll have my hubby take a look at this thread cuz he's the digital freak! LMAO! im just like ...okay just show me how to use this thing and i'll be set...

                            thanks for everyones input! keep it coming tho!

                            hey bro..let me have your thingy mabobber... dvr or whatever LOL jk

                            the money i use on purchasing one of these..i could get me a reaalllyyy awesome COACH/burberry/GUCCI handbag!! DECISIONS DECISIONS!!! LMAO!!!


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                              I've been using an Olympus VN-480PC for about a year now. (I think there is a newer model out now.) It has USB connection and can support an external mic. Only stores about 2 hrs 45 min of music in high quality mode which is the biggest downfall. I have to carry my laptop to the dances and download between sessions :-( I think that the newer one has much more memory. The thing that I really like is the size, about 4" long and 1.5" wide and .75" deep, very handy. It doesn't try to do any auto leveling so there is no loss after hard beats or other loud noises. It certainly beats a tape recorder, but since I've not used mini-disc, I can't compare to that.
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