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Is hospitality lacking at today's pow wows?

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    I have noticed that there has been a decline in the hospitality area. Some p/w's that I've been to have stopped feeding dancers and singers, or, they just feed the host drum and no one else.

    About the giveaways, I've noticed when there is a giveaway it's always the same people being gifted. It doesn't matter what p/w it is, it's always the same people getting gifts.

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  • The_HULK
    I noticed that the traditional side of families are kind of getting worn thin with older generations getting older.

    To me it seems like the elders who are accustomed to having feasts, or feeds, whatever you want to call it, are getting generally older and don't really do it as much. And the younger generation is still kind of picking up where the left off but just not at the same level.

    Not saying everyone, but just in general.

    I've been to some feasts where there was one family putting it on and it was by invitation only, and some where it was put on by a community and the whole pow-wow was told to come. But like I said, in general, I noticed a decrease over the years like "singerdad" had said.


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  • ettareena
    Of the things you listed the one that I very rarely see is rations.

    But at most Okie powwows and at San Manuel and at Browning a few years back, there were feeds either hosted by the committee, tribe or a family. But it has declined, and instead of feeding everyone, most only feed headstaff and/or dancers and singers.

    It seems that if you pay admission, then the chances of getting fed is slim to none.

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  • vince_j
    Subconscious changes

    Originally posted by Singerdad
    Is it just me being grumpy on a Thursday or has anyone else noticed this trend?
    You must be having a Birthday or Anniversary coming up....

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  • taani
    hey hey hey

    They are only a few pws organizations that are hospitable, us (RedHawk) being one of registration fee, fruit, snacks, soda, water, coffee throughout the day...we also feed the dancers/singers dinner.

    i do get very frustrated at pws when they don't offer anything for dancers/singers. At a few pws I've been to (i'm not gonna name which ones) BUT I no longer go, there isn't even water or food and you have to pay an admission to get in to dance!!!! the dancers are the entertainment for the spectators and you expect the dancers to pay!?!??!?! i don't get it.

    I could go on and on.......

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  • vince_j
    Maybe I just know where the food is...

    Down in Louisiana, there were feeds at pretty much every PW I attended.

    In Hilliard (Columbus, OH), all participants and families were fed.

    In OK and CO, where someone had a special event to celebrate, there were family feeds going on.

    Schemitzun, in their early years, had great buffets.

    Some flyers I seen use this as an incentive to attract "family-type" participants.

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  • Mato Winyan
    Oh yeah.....I've noticed it. Not just you.

    More like a business now and not "family". And feeds? what feeds......

    Also....... what I have noticed about the "give aways" they do have are just for committee members. Hmm...... aren't they apart of who is supposed to be giving away???? Heck.......forget the show of handing out a stack of pendletons and pass out some $10 gas cards to some people.

    Yeah.......dont' get me started.

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  • Wojapi4Me
    started a topic Is hospitality lacking at today's pow wows?

    Is hospitality lacking at today's pow wows?

    One thing I really noticed over the last decade is the decline in hospitality at pow wows. Contest pow wows are great fun, but they shouldn't overshadow the true spirit of a pow wow.

    Feeds are not common anymore. Dancers and singers have to pay registration fees for contest. Giveaways are few and far between at most contest dances...still very prevalent at community dances which is great. I can't even remember when I saw rations handed out the last time.

    Is it just me being grumpy on a Thursday or has anyone else noticed this trend?

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