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    I am not offended when an Indin calls it a costume.

    I just call it my Indian Suit haha!
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      I've been doing some searching on the net here, and a lot of places call it a 'Dance outfit'. Or they refer to it by the type of dance...jingle, grass...etc.

      But most 'shops' call it regalia. I guess that is for the general public to know what they are referring too.
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        I second that!

        I totally agree!!! Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you one of my biggest pet peeves is the word REGALIA I absolutely detest that word!!!! It is european, and the word has only come about in recent years...I have been dancing for 24 years and I have always called them my dance clothes, my gear, my stuff, my powwow clothes, not the word REGALIA blah blah blah...and as far as costume...WE AREN"T TRICK OR TREATING!!!!

        Originally posted by WhoMe
        Ask most people under 30 if their dance cloths are their costume and they will tell you it is NOT a costume.

        Ask someone who has danced all their lives, over 60, about the same subject and most will have no problem with it and may also refer to it as their "costume."

        I have heard many people refer to their dance cloths as their "regalia." To me this is too regal and European sounding.

        Personally, I refer to my dance cloths and as my powwow cloths, outfit or my "dance rig." I have a hard time not sayin' "costume" some time.

        Now I know the different reasons for not referring to it as a costume. I would say those reasons are "politically correct."

        What's your take on your dance cloths being called a costume or regalia?

        If an elder refers to it as their costume, do you correct them?

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          To be honest, I am not a dancer but I have many people family members & friends who are & I can truly say that I can not stand it when people come up to them & call it a costume. This is not Halloween! I get highly offended!

          I think its best if you call it "Indian Outfit" or "Dance Outfit." Regalia is also ok to say but I barely use that word.
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            I prefer the word gear.


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              the word costume has come to mean fake or imitation [costume jewelry etc] what a dancer wear is the real thing or a modernize version of it on the other side regalia refers to something that is worn in a ceremonial setting which is where that came from much like we are native Americans now instead of indians dont want to be associated with the Arab world


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                I don't like saying regalia so I call my outfit my jingle dress or my outfit
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                  i never thaught of what ppl call it

                  i just call it my powwow clothes lol

                  and not only do ppl like to touch you
                  they also like to play with the hair i really hate that or they wanna take it apart and do it again very annoyingg or
                  they wanna know how u made it!!*L*



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                    It is interesting that so much is made of this. Bottom line is this, costume, dance clothes, regalia etc..... is referring to the same thing. As people that have danced and participated all their lives, it is unnerving to see indian people fuss over the little things. I believe that if we spent time looking at the broader picture and stop agonizing over the little stuff, we would not be losing ground on treaties and business ventures that really effect indian country. So, my suggestion is to just dance and get along. Celebrate our culture and respect our traditions. Use your European words and education to do something that will impact our childrens future.


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                      my toddler just calls his powwow gear his "powwa"

                      little people make everything so simple.


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                        Given a choice between, "Regalia" and "Costume", I'd pick 'Regalia'. More fitting to be a 'regal item' than a 'dress-up pretend'.

                        Otherwise, most of us just use the term 'clothes', for what we wear.

                        "Costume" just rings of 'trick-or-treat' to my ears.

                        "Regalia" at least lends weight of meaning to any ear of the importance to us of our dress clothes they see us wearing.

                        I'll go with 'regalia' for the clothes I wear for our ceremonies and dances.
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                          'Cause, if I said, "Hole-Daw", no one would understand.

                          "Regalia" fits best in english.
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                          Kiowa Gourd Clan
                          Kiowa Tiah Piah
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                            Ndn clothes
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                              Suite is a word that my family back on the rez used alot, like your dress up clothes. cuz you take care of it and are proud and privlaged to have and wear it. I mostly use outfit.

                              I don't think its something that should offend or divide people. costume does have the "pretend" feel to it. like my 7 year old daughter is a cheerleader for our towns football team and said she wants to be cheerleader for halloween and i told her that she is a real cheerleader and has real cheerleader outfit she wears every saturday. she got very excited. As a dancer i never got offended when someone who didn't know any better used the word Costume, i just used the word outfit when i talked to them. I found that people learn and listen more from someone who is kind and soft spoken to them. Regalia is fine for others, but i'm kinda simple and it seems to formal or fancy for me.


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