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22nd Annual Mesa Pow Wow

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  • 22nd Annual Mesa Pow Wow

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]22nd Annual Mesa Pow Wow
    Admission to the Pow Wow is FREE of charge.

    Saturday and Sunday
    October 29 & 30, 2005
    Pioneer Park in Mesa
    526 E. Main Street

    The 2005 Mesa Pow Wow will be held in the memory of long-time organizer and emcee Roy Track, who died April 24, 2005.

    Friday night concert, with Clan/Destine, 6 p.m.
    Saturday: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    Sunday: 11 a.m. to dusk

    The Mesa Pow Wow is an inter-tribal Native American gathering that is open to all. Its main feature is a dance competition in a number of categories for men, women and children, and the event also includes approximately 100 Native American arts vendors, children's activities and authentic Indian food.

    Dance categories will include, for male dancers: Fancy War Dance, Grass Dance, Southern Straight and Northern Traditional; and for female dancers: Fancy Shawl/Jingle Dress, Cloth/Buckskin Northern, and Cloth/Buckskin Southern. There will also be Junior categories for ages 8 to 16, and a special category for Tiny Tots (age 7 and under).

    Emcee: Chuck Benson
    Arena Director: Wayne Silas Jr.
    Host Northern Drum: Woodstock (Utah)
    Host Southern Drum: Chris Dinehdeal
    Host Gourd: AZ Gourd Socirty
    Blessing of the Grounds: Gary Koshiway
    Head Man: to be appointed each day
    Head Lady: to be appointed each day

    The Pow Wow is sponsored by 21st Century Native American and Mesa Parks and Recreation

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    Does anyone know the winners for this powwow?


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      ~22nd Annual Mesa Pow Wow~

      Originally posted by Wind in her hair
      Does anyone know the winners for this powwow?

      W.I.H.H.; Charles took first in his category.
      **"Father eagle will always guide and protect."**


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        yeah!!! how was it?

        how was the powwow??..the weather?... crowd?... winners?... drama??
        Happy Trails!....


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          All I know is my sista Amanda Awonohopay got 3rd in Women's Jingle.


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            Does anyone have other results? Men's Trad or Grass? Come on now, don't hold back. Give it up already.


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              Originally posted by Grizzly
              W.I.H.H.; Charles took first in his category.
              If you know Charles took first place in his must know the results for the other categories right?


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                Some winners

                Here's what I can remember:
                Women's Southern Cloth=
                3-Roberta Smith
                2-Chowee Ellis
                1-Janet Bullcoming

                Women's Northern-
                3-Lisa Littleiron
                2-Carmen Martineau
                1-Amber Old Horn

                Men's Southern Straight
                3-Gary Begay
                2-Shude Victors
                1-Matt Sheka

                Am drawing a blank on everything else...


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