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  • ma-heench
    Thinking of giveaways makes me think of Oklahoma, someone should give away meat pies. No really, i love it when you get a bag full of lids to make into jingles. Does Stephen Eagle still have his mail order out of Denver? cause he has good lids.

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  • walela49
    I totally second WhoMe's idea 'bout the pueblo bro and sis-in-law live at Laguna...every time he does a giveaway in OK they give out pueblo bread...dem Okies LOVE it! LOL

    cool gift I got the year I went off to college was a bathroom know, trash can, soap holder, tooth brush holder, cup...all that stuff...I used i forever!

    chics dig candles (shawls are soooo overdone these days lol)

    and everybody digs big-ol baskets fulla goodies...cokes, crackers, beef jerky...stuff they can eat on the way home!

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  • wyo_rose

    I like getting yard goods, either 1 1/2 - 2 yards of fabric. Dollar store stuff is OK, but you can find some nicer things at WalMart for under $3.00. It's cool to buy baskets and fill them up with a "theme", cooking stuff, sewing stuff, tolietry items.

    For the guys I always stick with the "tried and true", socks, gloves, cigs, deck of cards, tied up with a hankerchief.

    I helped my step daughter with a big giveaway and I guess I did TOO GOOD of a job. After it was all over I saw laundry baskets of stuff going home with her and her mom. Sheesh!!!!

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  • Kiwehnzii
    Underwear. Why don't people give away underwear?

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  • kneegrow_native
    I like to giveaway puppies and kittens to all the children of the crowd, I give old mangy rez dogs to the adults, and old dirty blankets and bed sheets to the elders. Then I have my helpers throw soft apples into the crowd.

    Actually, the last giveaway was a lot of things from the dollar store, cooking items, towels, toys, candy, whatever seemed cool. For the drum we filled a big ice cooler with pop and food and gave that to them, and had nicer items for the winners of the contest special.

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  • jed
    Socks...nice clean white socks to replace the holy filthy ones I been wearing since the last giveaway.

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  • Go4erIt
    I been through major crap in my life even lucky to be alive and just take life all in stride but dude the gift aint the best part its the feeling of getting called up thats my faverite part of the giveway

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  • tsalaghisam
    I should buy some stock at the Dollar Tree.....

    We're getting hitched and I got to get a LOT of stuff to giveaway.

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    Hand drums and brain tanned hides are nice....bead work too!

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  • vince_j
    Food and Drinks

    I always liked receiving the laundry-sized gift baskets filled with Potatos, coffee, snacks, cigs, oven mitts, canned Spam, and flour.

    Oh yeah, a Ribbon Shirt works for me also.
    Last edited by vince_j; 11-08-2005, 03:01 PM.

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  • WhoMe
    Originally posted by tsalaghisam
    ..... what do you personally enjoy giving away/getting at a giveaway?

    Wa Do!


    I try and be unique in my giveaways if time permits (time = not having to giveaway several times in a short period).

    I order pueblo oven bread from New Mexico. It is always a big hit.

    Also I make personal articles to personalize each person on the head staff. Such as:

    Drum bag with personalized name and drumstick for Head Singer
    Plumes or beadwork for the Head Woman
    Fan for the head man
    Pendletons with name emboidery for Emcee etc, etc.

    If it is a big giveaway for a big event, I call in reinforcements and get my family and extended family involved.
    Last edited by WhoMe; 11-08-2005, 04:02 PM.

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  • tsuj510
    started a topic What's Your Favorite Giveaway Items

    What's Your Favorite Giveaway Items

    I will be having a giveaway and its probably been 10 years since the last one.

    Figured I had some giving back to do.

    That being said, what do you personally enjoy giving away/getting at a giveaway?

    Wa Do!

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