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Ft. Belknap Results some of them...

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  • Ft. Belknap Results some of them...

    men's fancy
    1st stanley whiteman

    mens tradish
    1st sheldon wuttunee
    2nd phillip paul
    3rd ??

    mens grass
    1st terry gray
    2nd tim parker
    3rd jonathan gopher

    womens fancy
    1st tia hoops
    2nd felicia paul
    3rd gale main

    womens jingle
    1st shawnee rose skunkcap
    2nd faye whitford
    3rd ??

    womens traditional
    1st steffanie mount
    2nd and 3rd miranda thomson and marie bigby
    i dunno which 1 got 2nd and which 1 got 3rd jus remember hearin their names

    teen boys fancy
    1st trey trahant

    teen boys grass
    1st ??
    2nd ??

    teen boys traditional
    1st james redtomahawk
    2nd adam baker

    teen girls fancy
    1st vina healy
    2nd desi small
    3rd shayreen (aj) fox

    teen girls jingle
    1st lissa plante
    2nd chelsea morales
    3rd nicole white

    teen girls traditional
    1st ??
    2nd ??
    3rd ??

    jr boys fancy
    1st jj azure

    jr boys grass
    1st damon baker
    2nd clinton daniels
    3rd skyler speakthunder

    jr boys traditional

    jr girls fancy
    1st shashone main
    2nd standing rock??
    3rd avah talksdifferent

    jr girls jingle
    2nd rikki horn
    3rd shond'lyn chandler

    jr girls traditional
    "Go Make Sweat!!!" -Sonny Kennedy- 2003

    don't get mad at me im just a critic

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    Yupperz man the traditional special was off the hook. Sheldon urned a well deserved first place especially with all those dancers out for the spot.


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      Cherokee - July 2006
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      Northern Drum Contest
      1st- Eagle Watch
      2nd - The Krew

      Southern Drum Contest
      1st - Southern Eagle
      2nd - Bad Water
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      Jr Girls Fancy
      1st Mikayla Sun Rhodes
      2nd Shashone Main
      3rd Desi Small

      Jr Boys Traditional
      1st Levi Jones
      2nd Brad Cichosz
      3rd Jayce OldCoyote

      Teen Girls Fancy
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      2nd Tia Hoops
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      Jr. Girls Jingle
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      2nd - Caleen Gene
      3rd - Alayna Jackson

      Jr. Girls Traditional
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