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  • Who placed in AL?

    Anyone know the results to the AL powwow this past weekend? Who were the drums?

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    atmore thanksgiving winners

    Men's Northern Tradish
    1. Will Tushka

    2. John Butler

    3. Clint Cayou

    Men's Straight

    1. Denny Medicine Bird

    2. Angelo Dorman


    Men's Grass

    1. Brunson Hay wa he

    2. Dale Roberts

    3. Keith Sharphead

    Mens Fancy

    1. Gabe Bullock

    2. Daniel Tramper

    3. Elliot Abbey

    Women's Fancy

    1. Georgina hay wa hey

    2. Michelle Reed

    Women's Jingle

    1. Rowena Roberts

    2. ????

    3. ?????

    Women's Buckskin

    1. Stephanie Maney


    Womens Cloth

    1. Johnna Blalock

    2. ????? Littlecreek

    3. Kathy Butler

    Mens grass special: Brunson Hay wa he
    Womens Cloth special: Judy Gibson

    Drum Contest: 1st- Northern Boys (put together group)
    2nd- Plains Drifters
    3rd- Grey Wolf


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      i think that 1badazzndn is a little confused on the winners in womens jingle

      1st place Joanne Butler
      2nd Rowena Roberts
      3rd Ashay Ironstar Big Mountain...Did she get married...well anyways congratz to all who had placed...heard that there wasn't alot of young dancers but i do remember
      jr jingle...1st place Julianne Butler
      jr boys grass Augie Beene
      Teen boys fancy
      1 Tyler Abbey
      2 Kevin Sylestine
      3 i don't remember

      Teen Grass
      1 Peanut Roberts
      2 Earl Erickson
      3 i don't remember

      Teen girls Fancy
      1 i don't remember
      2 Rowena's girl
      3 ???
      sorry that is all i remember oh yeah it was Felicia LittleCreek that won in women's cloth!!


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        3rd Place in Men's Str8 wus Victor Tahchawwickah, one of the singers in plains drifters


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        • tallinjun
          Who Won @ Shinnecock?????
          by tallinjun
          Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. I was wondering if anyone got the results from Shinnecock???

          Who won the adults, teens, and drum???

          Who won the specials if had any???

          Who snagged who at the 49???

          Who was bad-mouthing who???...
          09-07-2004, 10:04 AM
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          Rocky Boy
          by NDNGurl92782
          Does anyone know any winners of the specials that they had at Rocky Boy??? And hopefully later on we will have the list of winners!!
          08-06-2006, 06:59 PM
        • Two-cents1
          Haskell Powwow Winners
          by Two-cents1
          In case anyone is interested...........I missed some of the names this time.

          Men's Fancy:
          1 - Darryl Jack
          2 - Wayne Silas
          3 - Doug Schofield

          Men's Grass:
          1 - Keeno Gallegos
          2 - Todd Ike
          3 - Wanbli Charging Eagle
          4 - Marvin...
          05-18-2004, 11:52 AM
        • amarie49
          Quapaw Winners 2008
          by amarie49
          Junior Girls Cloth
          1 M. Little Axe
          2 Dava Daylight
          3 Regan Hill

          Junior Girls Buckskin
          1 Toni Shawnee
          2 Kathleen Foye

          Junior Girls Fancy Shawl
          1 Scholfield
          3 Carly Gabbard

          Junior Girls Jingle
          07-08-2008, 10:38 AM
        • taani
          SUSSEX POWWOW JULY 10-11, Augusta, NJ
          by taani
          July 10-11, 2010 - Sussex County Fairgrounds
          37 Plains Rd, Augusta, NJ

          Grand Entry of Dancers @ 1pm

          RedHawk Arts Council
          718 686 9297

          [email protected]

          07-07-2010, 02:35 PM



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