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    Jr. GIRLS Northern Traditional
    1st Dancing Star Leighton
    Southern Traditional
    4th Alendra Marie Logan
    3rd Shannon Redbird
    2nd Tierra Draper
    1st Larissa Bohay
    4th Lacey Fiddler
    3rd Lindsey Etsitty
    2nd Alyssa Phillipsa
    1st Arianne Sheka
    4th Ciara Peshlakai
    3rd Sadie Red Eagle
    2nd Aneay'shah Powell
    1st Ohiyah Shirley
    Northern Traditional
    4th Lyndee Tofpi
    3rd Marissa Woody
    2nd J'Shen Tsosie
    1st Cheyenne Fiddler
    Southern Traditional
    4th Amanda Campos
    3rd Raetava Yazzie
    2nd Celeste McGurk
    1st Charish Toehay
    3rd Autumn Zotigh
    2nd Victoria Phelps
    1st Nikollane Kanuho
    4th Megan Rose Stately
    3rd Raelene Favel
    2nd Alyssa Woody
    1st Jovelle Pacheco
    Southern Straight
    2nd Josef Perdiguerra
    1st Ross Victors
    4th Riley Spoonhunter
    3rd Garyson Johnson
    2nd David Nodman
    1st Ty Johnson
    3rd Robert Solis
    2nd Matthew Sheka Jr
    1st Aaron Woody
    Northern Traditional
    4th Anthoney Yazzie
    3rd Dakota McGurk
    2nd John Richards
    1st Gary Richards Jr
    Southern Traditional
    4th Segundo Henry
    3rd Jesse Redbird
    2nd Eric Bohay
    1st Weston Tso
    2nd Fabian Phoenix
    1st Nathan Logan
    4th Larin Nodman
    3rd Kelsey Haywahe
    2nd Joseph Baldwin
    1st Mason-James McGurk
    Golden Age Women Northern
    5th Carolyn Reyes
    4th Eunice Lane
    3rd Marny Stately
    2nd Nancy Tailfeathers
    1st Nita Track

    Golden Age Women Southern
    5th Cheryl Tofpi
    4th Claudia Spicer
    3rd Charlene Cozad
    2nd Dolores Goodeagle
    1st Mabel Cozad
    Jingle Dress
    5th December Arrow-White
    4th Vickie Hindsley
    3rd Acosia Leighton
    2nd Danya Keahna
    1st Henrietta Scalplock
    Fancy Shawl
    5th Kellie LeBeau
    4th Crystalena Pacheco
    3rd Urseloria Kanuho
    2nd Tawny Hale
    1st Rose Track
    Northern Buckskin
    5th Vikki Joe
    4th Jacinta Tsosie
    3rd Hollie Eagle Speaker
    2nd Salina No Ear Todome
    1st Summer Baldwin
    5th Roberta Smith
    4th Cree Medicine Bear
    3rd Sophia Tsosie
    2nd Lisa Little Iron
    1st Alva Fiddler
    Southern Buckskin
    5th Michelle Kauahquo
    4th Sharon Zotigh
    3rd Janet Bullcoming
    2nd Chalene Toehay
    1st Delaine Snowball
    Golden Age Men Northern
    5th Ray Blackwater
    4th Richard Rock
    3rd Norman Largo
    2nd Charles Tailfeathers
    1st Tommy Christian

    Golden Age Men Southern
    5th Gary Koshiway
    4th Tommy Draper
    3rd Roger Tofpi
    2nd Phil R. Dupoint
    1st Vernon Harragarra
    5th Darnell Baker
    4th Marty Thurman
    3rd Adam Nordwall
    2nd Julius Not Afraid
    1st Wesley Windy Boy
    Northern Fancy
    5th Skye McMichael
    4th Ja Ron Tso
    3rd Sky Medicine Bear
    2nd Tom Snowball
    1st Wayne Silas Jr

    Southern Fancy
    5th Walter Ahhaitty
    4th Buc Johnson
    3rd Tyson Draper
    2nd Dwight Whitebuffalo
    1st Isiaiah Bob

    Northern Traditional
    5th Clinton Croff
    4th Paris Leighton Sr
    3rd Nathan Largo
    2nd Wendall Powless
    1st Pat Moore

    Southern Straight
    5th Shude Victors
    4th Sean Spicer
    3rd Leonard Koshiway
    2nd Wahkeen Hamilton
    1st Otto Hamilton

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