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27th Annual Apple Blossom Powwow

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  • 27th Annual Apple Blossom Powwow

    27th Annual Apple Blossom Powwow
    April 15, 2006
    McGee Park Memorial Coliseum
    Farmington, NM
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    For more info, visit:


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      Originally posted by Ta'neeszahnii Techno
      Don't know if I'll make this one either ... no response from the committee!


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        Here is the scoop the committe sent me...flier coming soon to our site

        Flier coming soon to
        April 15th, 2006 (Saturday):
        San Juan United Tribe Club presents:
        27th Annual Apple Blossom
        Contest Powwow
        Location: Mc Gee Park - Farmington, NM

        Head Staff
        MC: Steve Dardend (Dine')... Flagstaff, AZ
        Arena Director: Alvin Keeswood (Dine')... Shiprock,NM
        Host Southern Drum: Southern X-Treme... Cochiti,NM
        Host Northern Drum: Sun Eagle... Hogback,NM
        Head Gourd Dancer: Leonard Anthiny (Dine)...Shiprock, NM
        Head Man: Bruce LaClaire (Rosebud Sioux)... Durango, CO
        Head Lady: Genola Hatch(Rosebud Sioux)... Fruitland, NM
        Head Boy: Stewart Hatch( Rosebud Sioux/ Dine)... Fruitland, NM
        Head Girl Dancer: Raven Stewart(Dine)... Dzith-Na-O-Dith-Hle, NM

        Contest Divisions
        Tiny Tots, Juniors, Adult, Golden Age & Drum Contest
        Dance Divisions
        Fancy Shawl, Fancy, Jingle,
        Grass/Chicken & Northern/ Southern Traditional

        Doors Open @: 10:00 am
        Gourd Dance Sessions: 11:00 am - 1:00pm & 6:00 - 7:00 pm
        Grand Entry: 1:00 and 7:00 pm
        Supper Break: 6:00 - 7:00 pm

        All Dancers, Drum Groups, Royalties, Spectators and Vendors are
        all WELCOME! The Pow Wow is an Alcohol & Drug Free Event.
        UTC, NAP, OR SJC will not responsible for theft or accidents.

        For Info Please Contact: (505) 566-3321


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          kiiyaaniiasdzaa, thanks for the info ... I was talking with the coordinator yesterday, but the person with the soft-copy of the flier was not available to send one out to me, but you are closer to them than I am anyways.


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            Eleven weekends on this one ... same weekend when my son comes home from Afghanistan!


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              Just a 40 min drive i'll be there.
              TX ta Cali...


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                Had to turn down the committee for sound system support: I can't be in two places at once. My son is flying in on April 14th at Sky Harbor and the McGee Park Veterans Memorial Coliseum is 400 miles away!


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                  Same weekend as San Diego State University Contest Powwow, but with rising fuel costs, Apple Blossom is within a few hours drive on April 15th.


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                    Any winners?


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                      Juniors & Teens Winners

                      Junior Girls
                      3rd - Jayrae Curtis
                      2nd - Keyonna Begay
                      1st - Kayla Sam

                      Fancy Shawl
                      3rd - Kaylee Joe
                      2nd - Shaniah Harry
                      1st - K.C. Brown

                      1st - Shaundiin Bear
                      (???there were 6/7 girls contesting, but they only called up 1 winner????)

                      Teen Girls
                      3rd - (sorry missed it)
                      2nd - La Fanya Robinson
                      1st - Teri John

                      Fancy Shawl
                      3rd - Wynema Redbird
                      2nd - Michelle Lee
                      1st - Danielle Begay

                      3rd - Kayleen LaClair
                      2nd - Michelle Ware
                      1st - Deanna Bordy

                      Junior Boys
                      3rd - #360 - didn't have name
                      2nd - Justin Lee
                      1st - Talon Tippeconne

                      3rd - Darryl Etsitty
                      2nd #245 - didn't have name
                      1st - Dante' Thunderhawk

                      3rd - Harley Benally
                      2nd - Donavan Newton
                      1st - T.J. Sherman

                      Teen Boys
                      3rd - Reeve Robinson
                      2nd - Kevin Alston
                      1st - Johnny Johnson

                      3rd - Zack Posata
                      2nd - Bryan Armstong
                      1st - Lyle Sam

                      3rd - #238 - didn't have name on list
                      2nd - Devin Bordy
                      1st - Ryan Nelson


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                        Adults and Golden Age and Drum Contest

                        Adult Men
                        3rd - Neal Thunderhawk
                        2nd - Travis Largo
                        1st - T.J. Warren

                        3rd - Jimmy Alston III
                        2nd - Spike Draper
                        1st - Isiah Bob

                        Traditional (Northern and Southern combined)
                        3rd - Buck Grant
                        2nd - Matt Sheka
                        1st - Lyle Nelson

                        adult Women
                        3rd - Sheila Naneto
                        2nd - Shannon Beetso
                        1st - Tashina John

                        3rd - Toni Dee
                        2nd - Krista Woody
                        1st - Julia Charles

                        Southern Traditional
                        3rd - Geri Stanley
                        2nd - Dinah Pasata
                        1st - Michael Grant

                        Northern Traditional
                        3rd - Marissa Woody
                        2nd - Ranita Blackgoat
                        1st - Kelly Bear

                        Golden Age
                        3rd - Harold Halfmoon
                        2nd - Tommy Draper
                        1st - Norman Largo

                        3rd - Delores Antonio
                        2nd - Ella Castio
                        1st - Edith Yazzie

                        Drum Contest
                        3rd - Young Bucks
                        2nd - Stone Creek
                        1st - R Crew


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                          Thanks 4 the winners list, looks like I missed another good one. I thought there'd be more tourists coming thru for gathering but looks like lotsa locals took home the prizes.
                          ...jus put on Mandareeeee....


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                            what were all the drums that showed up? Did the host drum show up?


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                              Host N drum: Sun Eagle was there and filled to capacity. LOL
                              Host S drum: Southern Xtreme, no show, but they announced that there was a family emergency.

                              Other drums: (I have a bad memory and will not be able to list all the drums.)
                              Stone Creek
                              Young Bucks
                              IVA (went by diffent name)
                              R Crew
                              All Nations
                              Smoke Stacks
                              Native Boys
                              Bow Guard
                              And a couple others I can't think of their names.


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