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Which Powwow is a Must See for the Powwow Virgin?

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  • Which Powwow is a Must See for the Powwow Virgin?

    Yes, I confess it. I am still a virgin...a powwow virgin. I have been heartily assured that should I attend a powwow and hear the drums that my wayward hearty helping of Native blood would rise up and do the brown skin boogie. (Sorry I have not the gadgetry as one person here apparently has to measure my exact percentage of Native blood (and more impressively down to the 1/2% (laugh)). Being ever scientific and well, easily amused, I am quite willing to test this hypothesis (obviously after undergoing a stringent physical evaluation first).

    So herein lies my question to you, good folks of Powwow Land…or Ville if you prefer. Wait, I think I prefer Ville. Yes, let’s just stick with Ville for right now. Of course you all could also be a township. Not tribe though….tribe is to prosaic is it not? Linguistic semantics aside….

    Which Powwow is the most informative, the most reflective on Native culture and its tenets….the most educational if you will and why? What must one absolutely see/do when one is there? What is there for one to do/see when one is there?

    Thank you in advance for you kind cooperation.


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    (What can I say? I'm feeling frisky in all of my Indigo glory. (wink. wink.))
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