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Shonto New Year's Eve Pow-Wow results!!!

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    all wrong!!

    in the jinle and fancy !!the jr girls!!its all wrong!!
    1st.Tylor Etsitty
    2nd Selena Jackson
    3rd.Shantaya begaye
    the right way!

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  • delirooe
    started a topic Shonto New Year's Eve Pow-Wow results!!!

    Shonto New Year's Eve Pow-Wow results!!!

    Thank-You for all those that supported our pow-wow. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and wish you all a happy New Year. Sorry, for the inconveniences about the mural. The Mural is over 60 years old and it represents our history of Shonto.

    Jr Girls Fancy/Jingle
    1st- Taylor Etsitty
    2nd- Shantaya Begay
    3rd - Selena Jackson

    Jr Girls Traditional
    1st- Chantel Jim
    2nd- Dancing Star Leighton
    3rd- Kristy Jim

    Jr Boys Fancy/Grass
    1st- Tyrin Begay
    2nd- Jamael Thomas
    3rd- Rashaun Redhouse

    Teen Girls Fancy
    1st- Charmaine Jim
    2nd- Nikollan Kanuho
    3rd- Elyse Perez

    Teen Girls Jingle
    1st- Alayna Jackson
    2nd- Kelly Etsitty
    3rd- Nicole Begay

    Teen Girls Traditional
    1st- Tasheena Chitwood
    2nd- Erin Etsitty
    3rd- Kenduaglynn Begay

    Teen Boys Fancy
    1st- Ty Johnson

    Teen Boys Grass
    1st- Kevin Austin
    2nd- Troy Rocke
    3rd- Byron Bedonie

    Teen Boys Traditional
    1st- Aldrick Jaekson
    2nd- Clint Butler
    3rd- Oliver Estitty

    Women Fancy
    1st- Urselonia kanulio
    2nd- Gina oliver
    3rd- yikanee Sampson

    Women Jingle
    1st- Acosia leighton
    2nd- Tahnee Williams
    3rd- lavina Keams

    Women Traditional
    1st- Raetawalynn Yazzie
    2nd- Diana Cody
    3rd- Dianna Payne

    Men Fancy
    1st- Lydell Yazzie
    2nd- Jimmie Austin
    3rd- Felix Atene

    Men Grass
    1st- Wesley Windboy
    2nd- Darnell Becker
    3rd- Orlando Dugi

    Men Traditional
    1st- Paris Leighton SR.
    2nd- Jakey Skye
    3rd- James Jones

    Drum Contest
    1st- Eagle Whistle Jrs
    2nd- Rocky Park
    3rd- Towering House

    Chicken Dance special
    1st- Dustin Whitford
    2nd- Craig Sorrell
    3rd- Paris Leighton

    Happy New Year and Many new Blessing Comes your WAY!!!

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