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Founders Day Powwow Results (mission, Sd)

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  • Founders Day Powwow Results (mission, Sd)

    Here are the winners for the powwow, i didnt get to hear some of the names so you can correct me LOL, all in all it was a good powwow.

    jr. girls tradish
    1st-sage blacksmith
    2nd-chelsey tortalita (sp)
    3rd-samantha ?
    4th-chantelle ?

    jr girls fancy
    1st-olowawin bad hand
    2nd-corinna red feather
    3rd-destiny yellow cloud
    4th-ignawi (sp) white

    jr girls jingle
    1st-kara or tara makes room for them
    2nd-elaina richards, i think
    3rd-evaline ? from Lake Andes
    4th-kelsey makes room for them

    jr boys tradish
    1st-isiah weasel bear
    2nd-justin williams
    3rd-derek tyon
    4th-dustin williams

    jr boys grass-
    1st-misun mills
    2nd-arrow iron cloud
    3rd-jai knight
    4th-darwin makes room

    jr boys fancy
    1st-courage cleveland
    2nd-lance yazzie
    3rd-lane ? mrft
    4th-tyler yazzie

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    More Results

    teen girls tradish
    1st-daisa one feather
    2nd-cheyenne fiddler
    3rd-tyler makes room for them
    4th-shanelle lee

    teen girls jingle
    1st-lynsey new holy
    2nd-emily thunder hawk
    3rd-zuni moore
    4th-? tamayo (sp)

    teen girls fancy
    1st-tia hoops
    2nd-victoria phelps
    3rd-taylor spoonhunter
    4th-nyomi cleveland

    teen boys tradish
    1st-gary richards
    2nd-adrian eagle hawk
    3rd-john richards
    4th-devon cross dog

    teen boys grass
    1st-isaac little wind
    2nd-naca charging crow
    3rd-cante knight
    4th-kendal little owl

    teen boys fancy
    1st-marquel crawford (tie w/ amos)
    2nd-amos yazzie IV
    3rd-canku one star


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      adult category

      sr mens
      1st-gary richard sr.
      2nd-clark zephier
      3rd-chris eagle hawk
      4th-avery thompson

      sr. womens
      1st-millie black bear
      2nd-carmon clairmont
      3rd-sandra black bear
      4th-julie recounter

      womens fancy
      1st-helen gaddy
      2nd-tanksi clairmont
      3rd-amber cleveland
      4th-kelli lebeau

      womens jingle
      1st-alice phelps
      2nd-denise one star
      3rd-grace pushetonqua
      4th-lauren frank (tie w/ jolene 1star)

      womens tradish
      1st-julie blue thunder
      2nd-del 1 feather
      3rd-cree medicine bear
      4th-wyola red hawk

      mens tradish
      1st-wes new holy
      2nd-terry fiddler
      3rd-chaske lablanc
      4th-jr white hat

      mens grass
      1st-jason cook
      2nd-julius not afraid
      3rd-wayne fox
      4th-mike one star

      mens fancy
      1st-amos yazzie III
      2nd-chaske heminger
      3rd-jerry cleveland
      4th-shorty crawford



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        Congrats to Eage Mountian.

        What other drums were there?
        Mr Oakley was here

        see my powwow videos here...


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          congrats to vanessa frank!!


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            the powwow was alright some of the winners were kind of strange, and no im not hating, just wondering. congrats to amber, cante, taylor, nyomi.~~~~~~~~~>thought tess knight, chepa 2eagle, jolene 1star, and grace hmh would place, but oh well

            drums that i remember there was eagle mountain, red leaf, crazy horse, bad nation, white river crossing, young generation, pass creek, there was more, but i forgot
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            • thizgirlpowwows
              Founders Day Powwow Results
              by thizgirlpowwows
              Since i cant post on contest results, i shall do it here LOL........February 3 & 4, Mission SD

              sr mens
              1st-gary richards sr
              2nd-chris eagle hawk sr
              3rd-wayne pushetonequa (sp)
              4th-sarge old horn

              sr womens
              1st-mabel blue thunder...
              02-06-2007, 06:37 AM
            • Mr Oakley
              2007 Hinckley Results
              by Mr Oakley
              Well I tried to post ALL winners except Jrs, cuz I wasn't there yet. It took so long to type up, it logged me off. lol goes..

              teen girls fancy
              4- Tiata Roberts
              3- Nyomi Cleveland
              2- Sky Hall
              1- Leela Abrahamson

              teen girls jingle
              06-19-2007, 10:10 PM
            • BurBz
              Red Mountain Eagle Results!!!!!!
              by BurBz
              CHEWYYY!!!!! Where are those results??? You were writing them down!!!


              Soooorrrryyy.. i just have a few results from this powwow! LMAO

              Women's Fancy Shawl:
              3. Shamaray Yazzie! :blow:
              2. Forgot LOL :p
              1. Rose Track...
              11-07-2004, 10:54 PM
            • thizgirlpowwows
              Lower Brule Powwow Results
              by thizgirlpowwows
              i only remember some of the winners, it was a pretty good powwow this year, nice weather........many prayers were sent to the jack/abrahamson family this weekend

              womens fancy
              1st-helene gaddy
              2nd-jericho (sp) anderson
              3rd-cody high elk
              4th-tiffany phelps-weston...
              08-15-2005, 04:19 PM
            • SMoKaHoNTaZ
              ~St Croix Winners 2006~
              by SMoKaHoNTaZ
              Jr Boys Grass
              1 -Jordon White Eagle
              2 -Jai Knight
              3 -Saunders Stillday
              4 -Corey Legard
              5 -Stephan Brenger

              Teen Girls Fancy
              1- Nyomi Cleveland
              2 -Anhinga White Cloud
              3 -Leela Abrahamson
              4 -Desiree Red House
              5 -Tata Roberts...
              06-27-2006, 12:21 AM



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