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Seneca Allegany (Salamanca) Powwow

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  • Seneca Allegany (Salamanca) Powwow

    It's back!!
    Seneca Allegany Casino Veterans Powwow
    Veterans Park, Salamanca, NY
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    I'll try to make it. My liddle mini-sweetie pie will be there.


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      Originally posted by Kayedos
      It's back!!
      ....hey whats up!!!......can you say that same for the THUNDER FALLS powwow?...will it happen again this year???
      -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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        Head lady judge???

        Last year at this powwow the head lady judge at salamanca picked two people from one family, a mother and her daughter, to judge her granddaughters contest. Needless to say that her granddaughter beat out some good dancers.
        Talk about no scrupples.
        Both Salamanca and Thunder Falls had Ontario head judges last year.


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          Cam-I'm not affiliated with N.F. powwow this year ( ). For more info on that one you would have to contact the casino for more info as it is a casino run event. But I am pushing Allegany. We're working hard to make Alleg. better since last year was the first year for our new committee (working out the kinks). I had fun-rain and all.

          As for the head judge I know nothing of that, but it does say in the rules if you have a complaint it must be aired right after the contest otherwise it becomes void. We see things like that happen at many pow wows, if we don't say anything then there's no point in bringing it up after the fact (my opinion). Perhaps if you decide to return this year things will be different. Isn't that the chance we all take when traveling to different pow wows? All our head judges were fully capable and qualified people. They are well respected people in the Great Lakes region-things I'm sure any powwow looks into when choosing their judges :) But thanks for the insight.


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            I think the head judge should pick the smoke dance judges too, last year they got the singers to do it, the singers were from Allegany and all the Judges were from guess who won...that's right...dancers from Allegany.


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              O.K., before we start getting into who did what to who and what went wrong...please take the time to remember, as Kayedos has already elaborated upon, things happen at all events. What I do know is that we sat for many hours trying to plan for something big that recognized you, our guests-from our feasts to the new Northern/Southern categories to the specials. As you will recall, another 'group' ran this pow wow for many years and there alot of concerns for years that we re-evaluated and changed for last year's event. We hope that any suggestions that you may have are realistic and condusive to the true spirit of dancing and not just grippin' over the rest. Hope to see you back this year. Nya weh.
              "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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                is it true that a group of wanabee southern singers from there beat out all the real southern drums??? hmm..


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                  Southern singing

                  I attended this pow-wow, so I know the real story. A group of young pow-wow dancers set up a drum group, they were from all over pow-wow country. With over 100 years + of experience amoung these young men , but because they chose to sing southern they were "wanabee's"? I didn't know that there was a geographical border for singers. Of my 30 + years of dancing at pow-wows, I must have over looked that rule in my book of Pow-Wow Rules-101!!!!!


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                    what a good time we had over their!!!!!

                    Well..let me say this about the powwow...we were treated very well over their..and i really appreciate the hospitality. We got their a day scope things out..and the committe..really helped us out..even though we couldnt get a room..but they did show with that i say ahoo...the camp ground was an adventure..but..still....we enjoyed it..very like to go back to defend my title in mens straight dance..but i think that was the only time..ill get out their.....unless im on head staff.***hint,hint*** who knows..maybe by some miracle ill get back their with my family.....for all the other peeps....go check it out its a good powwow....the singing was pretty good....i was sad cause no one had room for me..but it was all for the committe...keep it was a good powwow......i want to see my good friend again cassie thomas.....if you see this..give me a hollar...aho


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                      Really though...

                      I think that no matter what, the judging will always not go someones way. Its like that everywhere. I for one, though, am glad that the same committee (from last year) is trying to keep this pow wow heading into a "new era." I love the new categories...which will hopefully bring new faces in.

                      MICCO!! You should soooo be there. Someone has to keep me amused. What you been up to? I haven't seen you since -Crow Fair-wasn't it?

                      Anyway, For a good time, come to this pow wow
                      "Talk Is Fine- If You Got The Time, But I Ain't Got No Time To Spare...."


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                        Originally posted by Kayedos
                        Cam-I'm not affiliated with N.F. powwow this year ( ).
                        .. ...HUH?...WHO the heck is CAM?...and what are you talking about?.....*L*
                        -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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                          Werent singers last year required to sign a recording waiver.....did anything come of that? Do ya'll have a recording of last ytears powwow?
                          True to my word.


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                            Originally posted by BLAZIN'OJIB
                            Werent singers last year required to sign a recording waiver.....did anything come of that? Do ya'll have a recording of last ytears powwow?
                            .....Oh yeah i remember something like this too!...... u think i can get a copy of the recording from thunderfalls powwow last year???...
                            -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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                              I attened the powwow Last year and I thought It was a good powwow. I thought these young men did a very good job at singing Southern style , and they are not wannabes, we know them from the powwow trail. It's hard to find a powwow that has seperate catagories for Northern and Southern dancers, and they did a good Job.


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