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Who won at Prairie Knights??

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  • Who won at Prairie Knights??

    So does anyone have the info on who won over that way??

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    Here's what I can remember:

    Women's Traditional-
    1 Tara Sandy
    2 Karry Abbey
    3 ?
    Men's Traditional
    1 Tommy Christian
    2 Aaron Abbey
    3 Fred Fox
    4 ?
    Mens Grass
    1 - ?
    2 Charlie White Buffalo
    3 Wambli Charging Eagle
    4 ?

    Women's Fancy
    1 - Bobbi Lynn Fredrick
    2 - Kelly LeBeau
    3 - Gunya Cornelius
    4 - ?

    Women's Traditional Special sponsored by Robbyn Pudwill 2005-2006 Midwinter Powwow Princess
    1 - Tara Sandy
    2 - Karry Abbey
    3 - Andrea Redman

    Men's Traditional Special sponsored by Goodsell Noisy Hawk Famililes
    1 Tommy Christian
    2 Aaron Abbey
    3 Fred Fox
    4 Clark Zephier
    It might have been Clark 3rd and Fred 4th, can't remember.


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      Heres what i heard, i didnt go this year, was watching my son play in a basketball tournament in Rapid City, but..........

      mens tradish
      1-tommy christian
      2-hawk thunderhawk
      3-fred fox
      4-aaron abbey

      mens grass
      1-wayne fox
      2-charlie white buffalo
      3-jason cook
      4-bli charging eagle

      mens fancy
      1-warshield white
      2-tonch st.john
      3-eric shepard
      4-amos yazzie

      womens jingle
      1st-jennifer youngbear
      dont know the rest

      womens tradish
      1-andrea redman
      2-tara sandy
      3-kerri abbey
      4-vera kingbird

      womens fancy
      1-bobbi lynn fredricks
      2-kelly lebeau
      3-gunya cornelius
      dont know the other 2

      Teen Boys Fancy
      1-amos yazzie IV
      2-marquel crawford
      3-courtney hays

      teen girls fancy
      1-skye hall
      2-vicki phelps
      3-kelly walker
      4-shauna long


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        pertty good powwow, for the fist one of the year seen some old friends met some new ones.


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